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March 30, 2009

Last week's question:

After equipment detected traces of drugs in August 2008, nine correctional officers at the Maryland Correctional Training Center were strip-searched. No drugs were found and corrections officials said mistakes were made in the searches.

Now Del. Christopher Shank, R-Washington, has introduced a bill to create independent oversight of such searches. If passed, which of the following will happen:

o Correctional officials will only search officers when they have good cause. - 5 votes (12 percent)

o Better training will ensure that fewer needless searches will be done.- 1 vote (2 percent )

o Contraband in prisons will increase because officials will be more reluctant to initiate searches.- 5 votes (12 percent)

o Inmates will petition for the right to have their searches independently reviewed. - 1 vote (2 percent)

o Little will change, but Shank will get political points for sticking up for correctional officers' rights. - 30 votes (71 percent)



o Posted by UBU

None of the above. Packages, mail etc... are checked. Contraband gets in the prison. There should be random checks for correctional officers. Put whatever needs to be put in a contract. When the correctional officer chooses to accept the position, he/she knows what is to be expected ... no questions asked. Unfortunately, there are a few that ruin for the rest. There must be no contraband allowed in prisons!

o Posted by independent

Nothing will change as this is always the case, no matter what law that is passed. We have laws to cover everything and even if we add more all remains the same.

o Posted by jarhead

Most contraband makes it into the prison via way of visitors who do not get strip- searched. Policies like this have caused the DOC to lose many professional CO's who have put in their 20-30 years and left. I stay informed, and hear the replacements for these seasoned officers are a far cry from the professional officers of the past. Treating the CO's like the inmates has caused a deterioration of good security and public safety. Retired CO-RCI

This week's question:

In the wake of a renewed attack on its funding, Del. Christopher Shank has proposed changes to University System of Maryland-Hagerstown to make it more like a center in Southern Maryland, where the Hagerstown center's chief critic hails from. What's your view?

o Do it. If we can't beat 'em, we might as well try to be like them.

o Good idea. When it comes to education, elected officials always know better than people who work in the field.

o Appeasement never works. If we yield, they'll come after something else.

o If this model is good enough for Shady Grove in Montgomery County, what's wrong with it for Hagerstown?

o Elect someone who knows how to fight for what's important.

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