Mail Call

March 25, 2009

"I'm actually surprised that Penny Nigh, that people don't want to vote, didn't vote for her real good when they were voting, and Kelly Cromer, both of those. People ought to be sick to their stomach for not letting them be the top gun. They're the only ones who save us money."-- Hagerstown

"Concerning the response to my comment about the troops coming home, from the Williamsport caller, she agreed with my comment, but she stated in her comment that where are they gonna work at, where are the troops gonna find jobs at? Well, I feel they served their country and all, they risked their life over there, I would think that our U.S. government should take care of them."-- Greencastle, Pa.

"I want to respond to the Smithsburg caller, about the president and Camp David and the airplanes. For eight years, eight years, we listened to two jets flying over constantly up there above Camp David. ... And the cost was just the same, and the planes used to fly real low and buzz over Hagerstown early in the mornings. So he doesn't have anything to say about Obama being up there."-- Hagerstown


"My husband was working at the family center, and there's something I'd like to know. The young girls there that have babies, they put their babies in a hall and they stand outside and smoke. I thought you had to be 18, and they're all under the age. Could somebody tell me how that can be possible?"-- Hagerstown

"I am getting so tired of living in this 'reality world,' where you have to be afraid to say anything, because as soon as you open your mouth, you're cutting somebody up or cutting somebody down, or saying something bad about this person or saying something bad about that person, and you don't need any of those things."-- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I have to agree with the caller who was complaining about everyone assumes that everyone has a computer. Not so. I'm a retired person on a fixed income. I cannot afford a computer. Mostly any important information that I need is given by a Web site, so I miss important opportunities that are crucial to my needs."-- Hagerstown

"This is on AIG bonuses and buyouts. I see where AIG executives, chiefs are fearing for their safety. You know ... they're taking taxpayers' money and running away with it. That's like these other groups like Citigroup and everything. They don't want to be taxed. I mean, it's time for the government to stop it, taking taxpayers' money and giving bonuses away. So AIG, I don't pity any of you."-- Hagerstown

"This is for all for the dog owners on the North End, particularly those behind the Long Meadow Shopping Center. Please potty your dog in your own yard."-- Hagerstown

"I read in the paper where Del. LeRoy Myers said a positive attitude by all can change everything, because we're here for the citizens of Washington County. We're not here to be Republicans and Democrats. What a change. This sure wasn't his and most of the other local delegations who are all Republicans, except Del. Donoghue, was when Bob Ehrlich was governor. Mr. Donoghue was then treated as the outsider, but maybe if Mr. Donoghue would have attended more meetings and other local community activities. ..."-- Hagerstown

"This is just a message to Del. Shank and Donoghue. How old are you guys? I mean, you're supposed to be representatives."-- Hagncock

"Having read The Herald-Mail quite often, I realize that the exposure to world news has been extremely limited in this local newspaper. ... Worldwide, so many things are happening which directly influence our quality of life, although they might be happening in Africa, Near East and South America. So what is timidity to go out and get exposed to these world and national events? It behooves us all to take this step to be more informed, if not for yourself then for your children. Your children deserve a fair chance of having options from which they can decide which way they want to go."-- Hagerstown

"Ninety-nine percent of Americans don't even know what a 'retention bonus' is, its purpose, or its real purpose. These theatrics by Obama and the Democrats in Congress are no more than a smokescreen for the other things they are doing to dismantle this republic. How stupid do they think that we are? If I wasn't so angry, I'd be laughing at them."-- Robinwood

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