Mail Call

March 24, 2009

"I just got off the phone with AIG, registering a complaint. But it got me to thinking that with all the noise going on about AIG and the bonuses and all that, which I think is atrocious ... I think the 535 people or so that's in Congress are just as guilty, and they should pay back their pay raises, because they're not doing the job that they were hired to do, either."-- Halfway

"I would like to thank Tom Janus for his informative letters to the editor. The Barbara Ingram School has been the pet project of a small group of individuals. However, the cost of this project will be the burden of all taxpayers."-- Washington County

"I totally agree with the comments about the so-called property tax relief for seniors being a joke. Older people are being ripped off in Maryland. Here is an example. Let's say a 63-year-old receives a $30,000 pension, $15,000 in Social Security benefits and another $15,000 from investment income. In Maryland, that person would pay more than $4,000 a year in state taxes. In Pennsylvania, the same person would only pay around $700 in state taxes. Any older person that is able to get out of here probably should."-- Hagerstown


"I am writing in to complain about my Columbia Gas bill. My last bill in January was $796. I think that is ridiculous. How is someone that is a single parent with low income supposed to pay this? It will take me months. And then they had the nerve to send me a turnoff notice. Our bills are getting higher and higher every month, but still making $8 a hour."-- Hagerstown

"I really agree with the caller that said we should rethink the Commission on Aging, going to the Commission on Aging's building. I agree with the parking lot. They ought to take a lesson from Frederick, Md. Anyway, I don't like to go downtown for any reason, and I think Richardson's would be a great idea."-- Clear Spring

"To the Washington County Commissioners: We, the senior citizens in Washington County, only need two things. That is lower taxes and to be left alone. We certainly don't need all your projects that you and your staff think they need."-- Washington County

"I also think Richardson's would be a great place for the senior center. Lots of parking, better location, one level, no need to go downtown."-- Hagerstown

"The city moved sidewalks out into the street, on the first block of South Potomac Street. Now delivery trucks have to block one lane of traffic for deliveries. Now they are going to add a lane for traffic on West Franklin Street because of the bottleneck. Where is the common sense?"-- Hagerstown

"Just a reminder: Wednesday, March 25, is Maryland Day, so fly your Maryland flag, wear your Maryland hat, shirt or whatever, and wish each other a happy 375th birthday."-- Hagerstown

"It's nice weather already, and lo and behold, these little import cars with their coffee can exhausts and their loud stereos are zipping around through Hagerstown, and I guess the officials are powerless to stop them. But rest assured, these people are not your true car enthusiasts. Your true car enthusiasts have antiques and/or hot rods and muscle cars that are legal to be driven. We have legal exhausts. There's quite a separation between these people with their little import cars and your true car enthusiasts here in Hagerstown. Try not to confuse them."-- Hagerstown

"To make a statement short, this is in regards to our high school teams having to go a long distance to play for championship games. Every year our teams here in the Eastern Panhandle and over in Maryland and Virginia have to go a long distance to play for championship games. It is nice when we win, and I'm for all the ball clubs that do win. We travel long distances, while most of those teams of ballplayers stay at home overnight, and it is good to win. Go, the teams in the panhandles of West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia."-- Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"I'm calling about the University of Maryland-Hagerstown campus budget cuts. I support the campus. It offers my son an opportunity to attend at affordable costs. He has two jobs in the area, and he must stay locally, and I would really feel it's very important to keep the campus open, and we need to make calls to our delegates in support. Please help."-- Knoxville, Md.

"The government has set the minimum wage. Now Obama is hatching a plan to set the maximum wage."-- Hagerstown

"I'm calling in regards to the kids going 10-hour days, 200 days a year. A teacher stated that the children who thrived most were ones where parents were involved in their education. Children need to be children, and more school would rob what little childhood they have. I say amen to that."-- Hagerstown

"I'm wondering who decides who to call about this funeral, transport of the bodies and things. Does Peppermint Patty have all the say? And I don't understand, it sounds like one person wants the whole job. I think it needs to be investigated, and they need proof of what they're saying."-- Huyetts Crossroads

"I'm calling in response to your comment in Monday's paper, that the person from Williamsport wants to know about Little League and school. I used to manage a ball team in Little League. As a matter of fact, I had one player who was doing bad in school. Then once they started playing ball, their mother came and told me their grades were actually getting better. So I think if, you know, it doesn't have anything to do with schooling, but it gives them something to look forward to."-- Hagerstown

"President Barack Hussein Obama's comments regarding his bowling score being something like a Special Olympics score is despicable, and is a window into this man's soul. This is the type of change that America voted for. Shame."-- Hagerstown

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