Letters to the Editor

March 24, 2009

Proposed 'tax break only postpones pain

To the editor:

Isn't it really a sad thing! By the time we finally retire, the assessments on our homes continue to skyrocket by more and more each year. But even though houses are dropping by 25 percent to 30 percent in value, government does not drop the assessments on our property.

And another thing: I read in the paper last week that you are going to give people who are 65 and older a break by holding the line on taxes a little bit. But then after they die, their beneficiaries will get less and you will also charge a percentage of what they owed.

Give me a break.

We all want our children or beneficiaries to finally get something in the end, not have it sucked up by the county.


If you are going to give the seniors a break, well, give them a break and not by cheating their children and beneficiaries out of what they rightfully deserve.

Give me a break!

Ellis Duffey

Use American steel in our new hospital

To the editor:

I just saw a picture of our new hospital in the paper.

I want to tell someone to let the people in charge of building the new Washington County Hospital that they should not use steel from any country except our American steel factories.

I read months ago that California built 14 schools using steel from China. One school was weakening. Their steel is not as strong as our steel. I hope they do not cut corners on any new bridges built in our country just because it is cheaper.

We spend billions building in other countries. We should put the best here.

I'm assuming what I read was true. Only government officials in California would know.

I want our hospital to have the best.

Jane Everett

Why not bring the jobs back home?

To the editor:

With all the money being put into "creating new jobs," why don't we change the policies that caused so many jobs to be lost when companies profited from sending the jobs to other countries, often exploiting their populations and the environment? I know it's politics and years of failed or nonexistent policies, but this should not have gone on for as long as it has.

Sarah Hendershot

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