Mail Call

March 23, 2009

"With the Little League season coming up, my question is, can anybody tell me, if a child is failing in school, does he still have the opportunity to play Little League baseball? In my opinion, I don't think he should if he's failing classes, and you know, the only person it's hurting is the child, for not trying a little harder to pass classes. So if anybody could give me some feedback on that, I'd appreciate it." - Williamsport

"I'm glad to see that Obama has enough time to visit 'The Tonight Show.' Aren't we still in an economic crisis? How much did that trip cost? Enough is enough already. He's already been at a Wizards game drinking beer - now visiting 'The Tonight Show,' on which he said he's been bowling a lot and playing basketball. Shouldn't he be using his time to 'fix' our economy like he promised?" - Hagerstown


"I was just reading in tonight's paper from the person from Greencastle who was talking about our troops coming home, and I agree. I think that all of them should be brought home from over there. However, my thought is, where are these people who have risked their lives for us going to find jobs?" - Williamsport

"Am I the only one who thinks the fountain at Park Circle is a poor decision, when we have homeless, jobless persons, and parents who can't afford to buy their children's lunches at school?" - Hagerstown

"I have also used the new post office out at the Stone House Manor, and I have found, too, that it's very congested when you go in. You have packages, you have no place to set your packages. You have to stand, of course, in line, which is OK. They only have - usually have one person working the window." - Hagerstown

"This is for the person who was wondering about the 'C' on the bus numbers in Washington County. It stands for a contractor. Anybody that has a 'C' on the bus is a contractor who is licensed to drive a school bus, and owns the school bus, for Washington County." - Sharpsburg

"To Hagerstown: Congratulations that you're a married mom, which means you have somebody to help you pay the bills. I am also a single mother that you are putting down. However, I'm 46 years old, I'm working two jobs and I'm putting a daughter through school. So walk a mile in our shoes before you decide to make any comment about single mothers and getting things for free." - Mercersburg, Pa.

"I certainly hope the county is going to repave Maugans Avenue, or at least fill the dips where they have torn down the elementary school. The blacktop has settled, with all the traffic Maugans Avenue gets - not to mention the new development has been added. The county paved the road, then they came and tore up the road to put in the development. You really ought to hold the developers of these projects accountable for these such things. It's knocking a lot of automobiles out of alignment." - Maugansville

"I am hoping that the Mail Caller who said kids should go to school 10 hours a day, 200 days a year was joking. That won't curb the illiteracy rate. Parents being involved in their children's education would help that. I have learned from personal experience as a teacher that the children who thrived most in school were the ones whose parents were involved in their education. Children do need to be children, and more school would just rob them of what little childhood they have." - Hagerstown

"To have your phone number included on the national Do Not Call list, call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone number you want listed. You can also go to the Web site and have your number included. Listing your phone number will work. We have been free of marketing calls since listing ours." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Isn't this a great country, when thousands of well-connected people can become multimillionaires as a result of two wars and the ongoing financial crisis?" - Rohrersville

"Will someone please explain to me how Barney Frank and Chris Dodd retain their positions on the House Financial Services Committee and the Senate Banking Committee, after leading the country into the housing debacle? Then Dodd, who was the leading recipient of AIG campaign contributions in the Senate, wrote the bill authorizing bonuses for AIG execs, acts outraged once the bonuses become public." - Maugansville

"If I understand this correctly, Sen. Dodd, Democrat, puts an amendment in the package that AIG got that allows AIG to pay these bonuses. Then the Democrat senators agreed to this, and Obama signs this. Then our new community adviser and chief, Obama's teleprompter, tells him to say he's angry about these bonuses. Do you see anything crooked here?" - Hagerstown

"I am voting for Penny Nigh as a write-in candidate because she has helped many city residents with problems that the men don't comprehend exist. She also will always answer your phone call." - Hagerstown

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