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March 23, 2009

Last week's question:

The Hagerstown primary election held recently guarantees that there will be at least some new council members. Regardless of who is elected, what should be the top priority of the next group of elected city officials?

o Lure new jobs to Hagerstown that pay more than the minimum wage. -- 15 votes (36 percent)

o Continue with the rehabilitation of downtown Hagerstown. -- 6 votes (14 percent)

o Make city government run more efficiently so that the next council doesn't have to raise property taxes again. -- 12 votes (29 percent)

o Keep working on the city's crime and illegal drug problems.-- 7 votes (17 percent)

o To be more polite to each other during their videotaped meetings so that the city government has a good image. -- 2 votes (5 percent)


o Posted by BankerMan25

Continued development in the downtown area will not only make the area look nicer, it will be a magnet to attract people to live there and also bring in more business investment (new jobs).


o Posted by SoaringEagle

I only go to town to pay my over-assessed land taxes, or to get to the other side for yard sales, doctors' appointments, etc. I can't see putting a lot of money downtown, not that many people go there anyway. And you can't find a parking place. Parking is free at the malls.

o Posted by independent

If you work and solve the drug and crime problem you will get more people to visit downtown and attract more businesses.

It will also help save tax dollars that are spent on crime and drug issues including shootings and vandalism.

Downtown will never be as it was in the old days as shown in many old pictures.

It is too late to bring back the good old days when it was safe and full of life. Downtown needs to offer something people cannot get anywhere else to attract more people. What that is, I do not know.

o Posted by olddude

Bringing more and higher- paying jobs has always been and will continue to be the highest priority. That's the goal of every town and county in the world, so is it any surprise that we aren't making much progress to that end?

The competition is intense, so Hagerstown needs to offer something that will attract people; things such as a clean, attractive downtown area, a few trees here and there, natural areas with walking trails, and aesthetically pleasing buildings.

Our present planning commission has shown little interest for keeping things attractive.

This week's question

After equipment detected traces of drugs in August 2008, nine correctional officer at at the Maryland Correctional Training Center were strip-searched. No drugs were found and corrections officials said mistakes were made in the searches.

Now Del. Christopher Shank, R-Washington, has introduced a bill to create independent oversight of such searches. If passed, which of the following will happen:

o Correctional officials will only search officers when they have good cause.

o Better training will ensure that fewer needless searches will be done.

o Contraband in prisons will increase because officials will be more reluctant to initiate searches.

o Inmates will petition for the right to have their searches independently reviewed.

o Little will change, but Shank will get political points for sticking up for correctional officers' rights.

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