Holstein association holds annual banquet

March 17, 2009|By JOANNA CALIMER

Special to The Herald-Mail

The Washington County Holstein Association held its annual banquet and awards meeting March 3.

Donna Myers, president of the Maryland Holstein Association, presented a Junior All-Maryland award to Cory DeBaugh for his Senior 2-year-old cow, Windsor-Manor Durham Karole; and Reserve All-Maryland and Reserve Junior All-Maryland awards to Carol DeBaugh for her Junior 3-year-old cow, DeBaugh Ex Special Covergirl.

Myers congratulated Washington County Holstein Junior members who will be honored for their Holstein project record books on the state level.

They are Sydney Davis, first, first-year girl; Cory DeBaugh, first, junior boy; Eugene Wiles, second, junior boy; Carol DeBaugh, second, junior girl; and Scott DeBaugh, second, intermediate boy. Also participating were Tracey Forsythe, Macayla Wiles and Tessa Wiles.


All eight Washington County Junior Holstein members were also honored by the Washington County Holstein Association.

Each received an award sponsored by Mid-Maryland Dairy Veterinarians and presented by Dr. Matt Iager.

Junior awards for 2008 milk production records (305 days) were presented to:

  • High 2-year-old (sponsored by Misty Meadow Farm), Tessa Wiles, MD-Heavensent Lady Cathy-ET, 24,040 pounds.

  • High 3-year-old (sponsored by Heavensent Holsteins), Macayla Wiles, MD-Heavensent Trista-Red, 27,790 pounds.

  • High 4-year-old and High Cow Overall (sponsored by DeBaugh Farms), Macayla Wiles, MD-Heavensent Rock-n-Roll, 28,510 pounds.

  • High Aged Cow (sponsored by Crown Stone Farm), Scott DeBaugh, DeBaugh Baxter Cork, 26,797 pounds.

  • High Lifetime (sponsored by Leggett Farms), Andrew Herbst, MD-Mistymedo Mathie Magic, 232,123 pounds.

    Senior awards for 2008 milk production records (305 days) were presented to:

  • High 2-year-old, Heavensent Holsteins, MD-Heavensent Exhibit Paris, 29,030 pounds.

  • High 3-year-old, Heavensent Holsteins, MD-Heavensent Linjet Jesse, 30,130 pounds.

  • High 4-year-old, Downey Farms, Windsor-Manor Smatic Toffee, 30,145 pounds.

  • High-Aged Cow and High Cow Overall, Palmyra Farm, Palmyra Terrific G Becky, 30,698 pounds.

  • High Lifetime, Misty Meadow Farm, MD-Medo Peti Mary Ellen, 243,183 pounds.

  • High Herd for Milk, Palmyra Farm, 24,084 pounds.

  • High BAA under 50 Cows, Palmyra Farm, 105.5

  • High BAA over 50 Cows, Heavensent Holsteins, 105.7

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