6 random questions with Charlie Gelestino

March 17, 2009|BY KACEY KEITH/Pulse correspondent

Name: Charlie Gelestino

Age: 15

Grade: Freshman

School: North Hagerstown High School

If the world were to end in 24 hours, what would you do before you died?

I would probably jump into a car and randomly start driving, to be honest. I'd probably drive to D.C. or some cool place.

What is the most annoying habit a person can have?

People snapping their fingers. It bothers me so much.

What was the coolest moment of your life?

Blowing up the family toaster by accident. It was so awesome. It sounded like fireworks. I was 6 and I put an egg in the toaster.


What color describes you, and why?

I would say green. To me, green means a mix between relaxed and energetic.

I have my calm moments and then I have my crazy moments.

What superhero is the most similar to you?

The Blue Beetle. This may sound pretty odd, but he becomes his hero. I think this is important because everyone needs someone that inspires them.

What household item could you not live without?

This one's easy! The microwave. It's probably the most helpful thing in the household to me. If you're too lazy to use the stove, there's always the microwave to save the day.

Kacey Keith, 15, freshman at North Hagerstown High School, enjoys drawing, painting, anything involving music and spending time with close friends.

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