Mail Call

March 17, 2009

"I would like to know why they are wasting all this money in space. We don't have any money to start with. We have people starving, out of work, and they're wasting money in space. If we were supposed to be up there in space or up on the moon or anything, we'd have been born there. We don't belong there to start with. This is a big waste of money."
-- Washington County

"Obama needs to concentrate just on the economy alone, not the other things that he comes out with every day on education, welfare and all these other different programs. He needs to just concentrate on one thing and try to get that straight. And perhaps the world would be a lot better."
-- Sharpsburg

"I live in St. James Village North, and I can't believe someone is actually complaining about a trampoline in the back of their neighbor's yard, calling it a eyesore, saying that it's gonna bring down the price of the house, it's like our area's turning into a slum. If this is all people have to complain about in our area, I feel sorry for them because the kids just can't do anything."
-- St. James North


"Concerning reading in your paper concerning they're gonna start letting some of the troops come home, they're gonna have a deadline and all, I feel that they should have done this a long time ago and all. I mean, I feel the troops have been over there long enough, and they've wasted enough money over there in that country, and I also feel that there has been enough lives lost over there in that country. I mean, those troops that are stationed over there don't have anything to prove, I don't think. I mean, they should bring them all home, I feel."
-- Greencastle, Pa.

"I would like to know when the county commissioners of Washington County will be implementing a fire tax. Please, we need this fire tax."
-- Smithsburg

"Although the voter turnout was low for the mayor and council races, at least it seems the Democrats are making good choices ... for city council. Good start. Hope the council final votes will be good for the city of Hagerstown."
-- Hagerstown

"I was just wondering if anybody has done any fishing at Rocky Gap, and did they have any luck? Or is it too early and the water's too cold, still? Just curious. Wanted to save myself a trip if the fishing wasn't any good there yet."
-- Boonsboro

"I agree with the caller about the cereal boxes. They've gotten bigger, but they've put less in. Potato chips are worse yet. You pick a bag of potato chips for $5, and you only get a couple ounces of chips. It's ridiculous. We're being ripped off as consumers. Somebody needs to do something about it."
-- Boonsboro

"To the landlords of Washington County: Please remember, most people who live in apartments are single, widows and on fixed income. Don't raise that rent this year. You ought to be ashamed. You got it up to six, seven hundred dollars a month's rent. Some of us don't have that kind of money. We like where we live, but we can't afford it."
-- Hagerstown

"Our geniuses in Washington want everyone to quit smoking. I'm a smoker, but what they really don't understand, though, is that we quit smoking, where are they gonna get the extra income from? Oh, gas, 20 cents more a gallon? Food, 10 cents more a dollar? It's endless. I really don't understand what their problem is down there. I mean, they get so stupid, stupid, stupid every year, and I'm confused."
-- Halfway

"On page A2, Wednesday, March 11, paper, you have comments made by Mr. Breichner that says the people were dissatisfied with the council, and that reflected to the three people who lost. Well, I have news for Mr. Breichner. We really do not want him in there either, but because we were not allowed to vote for our Republican candidates, we can only hope that when it's general election time, he will not get that seat either, because he did not do a very good job."
-- Hagerstown

"You know, someone was wondering in Mail Call why the guards were brought into the courtroom in handcuffs, the ones were charged with assaulting the prisoners. Well, I wonder that, too. Most of the inmates aren't brought in in handcuffs. That would be cruel and unusual punishment, and that would be humiliating to them. Once again, the inmates have all the rights and the guards, their hands are tied, they can't do their jobs. It's just like anybody else. If you're honest, you cannot do your job."
-- Sharpsburg

"This is to the writer from Dargan that wondered why hardworking people can't get help while nonworkers do. Easy: Stay home one day and watch TV. It tells who to call if you don't want to pay your credit cards, taxes, utilities, and want free medical. Best of all, you can get a lawyer to get you disability for life if you are too depressed to work. My sister did all of the above, and now she has two homes, free food, free medical, a car and no worries. Now aren't you too depressed to work? Get disability for it. But off to work I go. Got a lot more people to bail out."
-- Fairplay

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