Mail Call

March 16, 2009

"I have difficulty believing in this change that you can believe in."- Halfway

"I want to thank the customer who called me, and the Hagerstown Wal-Mart employees who helped my 81-year-old mom after her fall on the morning of March 10 in the store bathroom. You were all extremely kind, caring and helpful. God bless you all."- Hagerstown

"Has anybody seen that the government spent $600 million to send a space camera up to see a hundred thousand stars? How can they justify this when people in this country are starving, homeless, without electric, etc.? Why don't they just say to heck with you poor people?"- McConnellsburg, Pa.

"I'd like to see something in Mail Call about something that must be a no-no to put in there. These single mothers that understand we live in a free country, yes - free food, free housing, free medical, a check each month. And why is it that they always have to refer to themselves as 'I'm a single mom'? Guess what? I'm a married mom, but I don't go around broadcasting I'm a married mom; I'm a mom. Why do these young people feel that they should be getting all this stuff, instead of getting out and getting a job, and not letting us taxpayers pay it?"- Hagerstown


"I'm confused by Mr. Hess' letter to the editor. The first four paragraphs shows that he has Republican viewpoints, but does he realize that nonsense about joining Vermont in secession was born out of an anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-Republican, anti-Neocon movement? It doesn't even make sense."- Hedgesville, W.Va.

"To the Falling Waters caller complaining (about) trash on Nestle Quarry Road: I suggest calling the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office. Recently, I observed them investigating illegally dumped trash bags along Dry Run Road. They'll do what they can. If this doesn't work, West Virginia has a hot line to report such incidences."- Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Last weekend's weather had all the guys winding their windows down and playing their car radios loud so they can get the attention their mamas didn't give them as a child."- Lappans

"Political figures should be recognized for their accomplishments and what they are doing to protect the town and its citizens they represent, not their hairstyle. What does the hairstyle have to do with anything? Thank you, Mayor McCleaf from Williamsport, for the fantastic job you have done the past four years, and looking forward to the next four years with you as mayor."- Williamsport

"You buy a sub because they advertise a special, thinking later, 'It's a beautiful Saturday, let's just take it to the City Park,' not buying a drink inside, but later outside, we just went to his machine to buy one. However, it took the money, but no soda. Went back inside to tell them that it wouldn't go, wouldn't take the money and didn't give us anything, and he just said 'That's not my machine, and besides, why were you too cheap to buy one inside anyways?' That wasn't very nice, and besides, he should get a kickback on the machines outside."- Hagerstown

"I see the liberals and liberal media are still in a tizzy over Rush Limbaugh's comment he hopes Obama's policies will fail. Now it comes out, in 2006 a Fox News poll came out where a majority of Democrats actually and openly said they wanted Bush's policies to fail, as far as Iraq. So let me get this straight. It's OK for liberals to want the U.S. to lose a war and our troops to die, but it's not OK for people wanting Obama's economic socialist policies to fail."- Chambersburg, Pa.

"Well, I hope everybody can see now, about the unions. They're being forced on people, whether they want them or not, and the unions are what ran the car makers out of the U.S. and sent them bankrupt, that they had to go to Europe to have cars made cheaper for us to drive, and then we condemn them. Well, I'll tell you something. The unions are always the Democrats' best friend. They help put them in office. So you can bet that the unions are gonna win out. Unions are only for themselves. The Democrats are only worried about enough money to keep themselves running in office and for their campaign funds."- Waynesboro, Pa.

"I never saw such a screwed-up mess as the voting was at North High. Instead of having it where they've always had it, they had it back where their wrestling center is, behind the school. We saw several people leave because they had no idea where to go. Do we need a recount?"- Hagerstown

"I think the results of the elections are disgraceful. All those people that Penny Nigh helped over all those years, and they couldn't come out and vote for her? Disgraceful. I for one am going to write her name in on the general election ballot."- Hagerstown

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