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March 16, 2009

Last week's question

Once again, funding for the University System of Maryland-Hagerstown was recently threatened by a Maryland General Assembly committee. How does Washington County get this to stop?

  • Hold a massive rally each year in Annapolis when the budget is considered. -- 8 votes (31 percent)

  • Run a letter-writing and e-mail campaign in support of USM-H.-- 8 votes (31 percent)

  • Send contributions to key budget committee lawmakers. -- 5 votes (19 percent)

  • Threaten to call USM-H opponents anti-education, anti-student elitist city slickers. -- 5 votes (19 percent)


  • Posted by notlaffen on March 9

    Perhaps it would help if the public had some facts such as: The state's budget for all parts of USM, the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) students at all parts of USM, the state's cost per student at all parts of USM and the yearly growth rates of all parts of USM.

    It is impossible to generate support when comparative information is not readily available. Seems to me that the USM-H staff has a vested interest in keeping the school open and also have access to the statistics needed to prepare a strong case for keeping USM-H open.

  • Posted by niverd on March 9

    The Herald-Mail should make an effort to provide all of the facts for this situation to its readers instead of generating a "get your pitchforks" type rally.

    If USMH is getting spending at a level of $8,000 per FTE (full-time equivalent) student, how does this compare to the funding that other higher-education facilities in Maryland get?

    If the $8,000 is too low, then there's your answer; if it is too high, then there's your problem. Why not provide enough information to your readers so that they can make informed decisions on this?

  • Posted by justthink on March 11

    How about it becomes such an undeniable success that there is no way to shut it down? Of course, the best way for that to happen would have been to have it on Downsville Pike instead of the pantheistic thing that is coming ... but that is a train that left the station long ago.

  • Posted by Sickofcrap on March 11

    Why should universities get any public funds at all? What is wrong from people who actually are getting the degrees pay the full cost of them?

    I will never understand how we as a country got to the point where we think government should pay for everything!

    Our entire higher education system needs to be changed. But, since all public universities are getting a piece of the pie, I guess that we should, too. The cost to attend college has gotten totally out of hand.

    This week's question:

    The Hagerstown primary election just held guarantees that there will be at least three new council members. Regardless of who is elected, what should be the top priority of the next group of elected city officials?

  • Lure new jobs to Hagerstown that pay more than the minimum wage.

  • Continue with the rehabilitation of downtown Hagerstown.

  • Make city government run more efficiently so that the next council doesn't have to raise property taxes again.

  • Keep working on the city's crime and illegal drug problems.

  • To be more polite to each other during their videotaped meetings so that the city government has a good image.

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