Author heals self, writes book

March 15, 2009|By CHRIS COPLEY

Mike Brady has a story to tell and an ax to grind. He talks about both in his book, "Realign: The Mystical Path to Defeating Depression," published this year by Mindwolf CMA.

Brady's book tells the story of his journey from Hagerstown to Florida and back. He also tells how he struggled with depression and healed himself, he says, through a self-developed program of metaphysical study and practice. He calls his program realignment.

Raised in Hagerstown, Brady said his growing-up years were ordinary. He started his career in customer service and sales, and had a family in the late 1990s. But his behavior, he said, became uncontrollable and abusive. He took medications for depression.

Eventually, he came to despise feeling addicted to antidepression drugs; he now campaigns against the work of pharmaceutical companies. He became interested in alternative approaches to health, and he studied metaphysics. Brady took a job in Tampa, Fla., became involved in the local metaphysical circles, and became convinced that he could heal himself with his mind.


In his preface to "Realign," Brady writes, "This book is all about how I defeated a five-year battle with severe depression and Bi-Polar disorder from within my own mind spiritually (or more to the point mystically)."

In his book, Brady, who also goes by the name Mindwolf, says he learned to heal himself over the course of three weeks. The book was developed from journals he kept during his struggle with depression and his subsequent presentations about his metaphysical system.

"Public speaking got the ball rolling," he said. "There were other writers speaking on shamanism, but they lacked a certain entertaining, thoughtful, uncensored presentation. I'm brutally honest about the healing and the way I used to be."

Brady says he's not a touchy-feely New Ager. He's more into shamanism, a primitive spiritual practice involving good and evil spirits.

"I'm not into crystals or channeling. I didn't begin by studying quantum physics," he said. "I go with my intuition. I studied metaphysics in a correspondence course, and ... took the most ancient metaphysical principles and combined them with shamanic practices."

Now back in Hagerstown with Holly and their four children, Brady says he plans to promote his metaphysical program. He says he plans to open an office and work with people facing mental health issues such as depression.

"There's an alternative path to walk," he said. "No matter the affliction or addiction. I'm just trying to help people out."

To get a copy of the book, e-mail Brady at or go to his Web site,

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