Indoor landscaping adds natural touches to a home

March 14, 2009|By NewsUSA

Fresh air and natural landscapes invigorate and relax hikers, bikers and other outdoorsmen. But city and town dwellers don't have to live without flora- natural accents can turn any home into a nature escape.

Here are some tips for homeowners looking to get back to nature in their own homes:

o Landscape Your Living Room. Potted plants can provide soothing finishes in living areas and bedrooms. Home gardeners love ficus plants or fig trees, because they're adaptable and require little maintenance. Orchids, which grow in either natural or artificial light, provide tropical color.

o Transform Your Bathroom. The right touches can turn your bathroom into an exotic retreat. Flowers provide elegance, while new, vanity lighting creates a luxurious note. Organically inspired bathroom collections can turn regular rooms into spas. The Bamboo bathroom collection from ShowHouse by Moen emulates living bamboo canes and features an open waterway design, mimicking the flow of a natural waterfall. The falling water creates soothing sounds and sensations.


o Use Natural Colors. Natural hues, whether warm or cool, revive indoor spaces. Green, the color of foliage, creates a back-to-nature feel, while the right blue can turn any room into a beachside retreat. Pinks, yellows and oranges can add floral touches.

To bring the outdoors in, consider brightly colored window treatments. The right curtains can seamlessly blend outdoor colors with indoor dcor.

o Reflect on Nature. A mirror, strategically hung to reflect an outdoor scene, can make a room feel more natural - while also making rooms feel larger and more airy. Mirrorscapes Mirror Frames from Inspiration by Moen add the finishing touch to plate-glass mirrors, and install easily enough for decorating novices.

o See Your Aromatherapist. Refreshing, natural scents can really set a mood. Whether fresh, like cotton or linen, or floral, like lilac or gardenia, aromas can make rooms soothe. Eco-friendly scented candles, like the soy or beeswax candles made by Bluecorn Naturals, burn cleaner than normal candles, helping to reduce indoor air pollution. Placing orange or lemon peels, even apple rings, pineapple and grapefruits work too - in small bowls around the house can create flame-free scents.

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