Clock ownership issue settled

March 12, 2009

GREENCASTLE, Pa. -- The question of who owns the clock tower at the First National Bank in Greencastle has been answered in writing.

Greencastle Borough Manager Ken Womack said a letter was sent to the bank stating the borough as owner of the tower.

Ownership of the tower has plagued the borough since it began preparing to repair it.

Womack said he was told that the citizens purchased the tower in the late 19th century.

Finding a document to back up that information was difficult and Womack said he could not find any official record of purchase or transfer.

"I'd like to have something in writing," he said in January.

First National Bank of Greencastle CEO Jeff Shank said the bank never tried to claim ownership of the tower, but that it did repair it for many years.


The letter, hand delivered by Borough Council President Charles Eckstine, established the borough as owner and being responsible for repairing the tower.

The bank will continue to supply power to keep the clock running, Womack said.

-- Kate S. Alexander

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