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March 11, 2009

Resident suggests advertising attractions on MSHA signs

HANCOCK - A Hancock resident approached the Hancock Town Council Wednesday night with a request to add some of the town's attractions to signs along Interstate 70.

Terry Hepburn, who owns the Hepburn Orchards Fruit Market, asked the council to send a formal request to the Maryland State Highway Administration to ask for signage along both the eastbound and westbound lanes of I-70 before Exit 3.

"You can't billboard the interstate," Hepburn said Friday. "If you can't do that, here's a way to advertise our attractions and get people into our community."

Hepburn suggested putting the signs before Exit 3 because Md. 144, which is off the exit, leads into town.

"It would be easy for people to get off at Exit 3 and they can drive all the way through town," Hepburn said.


Hepburn also suggested the town's attractions could be "piggybacked" onto another sign along I-70 that gives drivers information on gas stations, restaurants or lodging.

Hepburn said his business and the Hancock Antique Mall are two businesses that would benefit from attractions signage.

"It was a valid point," Hancock Mayor Daniel A. Murphy said of Hepburn's request. "If there are attractions that are willing to pay the fee (for being on an attractions sign), they should be able to advertise. It's very appropriate."

The council agreed to look into Hepburn's request.

Tax help available for seniors

HANCOCK - Seniors in Hancock who need help with their income taxes can get help through the Washington County Commission on Aging, Town Manager David Smith said at Wednesday's Hancock Town Council meeting.

The commission will assist seniors with their taxes on an as-needed basis, Smith said.

For information, call Virginia Stanley at Hancock Town Hall at 301-678-5622.

Health Center wants to hold pregnancy prevention clinics

HANCOCK - The Tri-State Community Health Center has made a request to hold pregnancy prevention clinics at the Hancock Community Center, Town Manager David Smith said at Wednesday's Hancock Town Council meeting.

The walk-in clinics would be held the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 4 to 6 p.m., Smith said.

The council approved the request pending arrangements for compensation for use of the building, Smith said.

Hancock to host 'Ideas Forum' for ways to improve town

HANCOCK -- The Town of Hancock will hold a special meeting Thursday, March 19, at 7 p.m. at Hancock Town Hall and Community Center.

The meeting will be an "Ideas Forum" for ways to improve the town.

Residents, organizations, service clubs and anyone else who has ideas to better the town may attend.

Hancock Daniel A. Murphy said at Wednesday's Hancock Town Council meeting he wants the meeting to be a positive one.

"Don't come and tell us what we're doing wrong," Murphy said.

Murphy also wants people attending the meeting to "come not just with ideas, but solutions."

Interfaith Service Coalition challenges council to take a walk

HANCOCK -- The Hancock Town Council was told to take a walk Wednesday night.

The council was challenged at Wednesday's town council meeting by a group from the Interfaith Service Coalition to participate in the Hancock Walking Challenge.

The challenge, which will take place from April 1 to 30, will involve team members wearing pedometers each day and recording the number of steps they take.

Kathy Rabon, a registered nurse at Washington County Hospital, helped organize the challenge and said she approached Hancock with the idea because the town is one of the more underserved towns in Washington County.

"All citizens need this and we don't want to leave anyone out," Rabon said.

The winner of the challenge will be announced at May's town council meeting.

Hancock Police respond to 210 calls in February

HANCOCK -- The Hancock Police Department responded to 210 calls for service in February, Sgt. Shawn Tasker said Wednesday at the Hancock Town Council meeting.

Eleven arrests were made in February -- four on warrants, two for assault, one for a suspended driver, one for rape and three miscellaneous arrests.

There were 50 traffic stops made in February and 70 parking citations were issued.

-- Tim Shea

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