Franklin County candidates

March 11, 2009

The following were among those who filed papers to run for office in Franklin County by Tuesday's 4:30 p.m. deadline:

Franklin County Jury Commission

Jack Sease, R, 2961 Orrstown Road, Shippensburg

Bill Butts, D, 1010 E. Brandon Drive, Chambersburg

Franklin County Treasurer

David Secor, R, incumbent, 1205 Ragged Edge Road, Chambersburg

Antrim Township Auditor

no filers

Antrim Township Tax Collector

Sue Myers, R, 2509 Williamson Road, Greencastle


Antrim Township Supervisors

James Byers, R, incumbent, 10180 Grindstone Hill Road, Greencastle

Fred Young III, R, incumbent, 569 Lynn Drive, Greencastle

Greg Moats, R, 15270 Marsh Road, Waynesboro

Larry Eberly, R, 11537 Grant Shook Road, Greencastle

Jeff Todd, R, 13899 Molly Pitcher Highway, Greencastle

Kathryn M. Freese, R, 13790-14 Molly Pitcher Highway, Greencastle

Dan Pellicano, R, 2775 Buchanan Trail East, Greencastle

John Alleman, R, 15576 Pennsylvania Avenue, State Line

Antrim Township Inspector of Elections

Linda Murray, R, 3958 Williamson Road, Greencastle

Chambersburg Area School Board

Region 1: Joseph G. Tosten Jr., incumbent, 1620 Philadelphia Ave., Chambersburg

Region 3: Fred Rice, incumbent, 3410 Church Road, Chambersburg

Region 4: Carl Barton, incumbent, 1505 Springview Circle, Chambersburg

Region 6: Norman Blowers, incumbent, 9614 Gilbert Road, Chambersburg

Chambersburg Borough Council

Harold Curtis, D, 1152 Hollywell Ave., Chambersburg, no Ward listed

Ward 1: Allen B. Coffman, R, incumbent, 112 Pennsylvania Avenue, Chambersburg

Ward 2: Janet Lukic, D, incumbent, 264 Woodvale Drive, Chambersburg

Ward 3: Glenn K. Manns, R, incumbent, 332 Suelinn Drive, Chambersburg

Ward 4: Margaret A. Shank, R, incumbent, 357 Glen St., Chambersburg

Ward 5: Heath Talhelm, D, incumbent, 840 Brandon Drive, Chambersburg

Chambersburg Mayor

Peter Lagiovane, D, incumbent, 610 Walker Ave., Chambersburg

Chambersburg Tax Collector

William "Buzz" Shank, R, 357 Glen St., Chambersburg

Fannett-Concord Inspector of Elections

Emma Middaugh, R, 22144 Main Street, Doylesburg

Fannett-Dry Run Judge of Elections

Audrey Dunkle, R, Box 47, Spring Run

Fannett-Metal School Board

Phyllis Eckenrode, 24938 Back Road, Spring Run

James Junki, 17608 Hill Road, Willow Hill

Terry Crouse, 16078 Mountain Green Road, Spring Run

Von McGee, 15947 Path Valley Road, Spring Run

Jeffrey Metcalfe, 15674 Amberson Road, Spring Run

Fannett Township Supervisor

Raymond Dunkle, R, 16073 Timmons Road, Spring Run

Donald Culbertson, D, PO Box 53, Amberson

Fannett Township Auditor

Kathy Horn, R, 20499 Mountain Road, Doylesburg

Fannett Township Tax Collector

Freda Neil, R, 16062 Mt. Green Road, Spring Run

Greene Township Tax Collector

Kathy Frazer, R, 8190 Nyesville Road, Chambersburg

Greene Township Auditor

Shawn Corwell, R, 478 Allen Drive, Chambersburg

Thomas Buckus, R, 225 Meadow Lane, Chambersburg

Greene Township Constable

Curtis Nunn, R, 1281 Apple Tree Lane, Scotland

Jason Bitner, R, 160 Carbaugh Drive, Chambersburg

Greene Township Supervisor

Travis Brookens, R, 1021 Knob Hill Road, Fayetteville

Greencastle Borough Council

Matthew Smith, R, 530 N. Allison Street, Greencastle *2 year and 4 year term

Charles Eckstine, R, incumbent, PO Box 339, Greencastle

Harry Foley, R, incumbent, 54 Apple Drive, Greencastle

Craig Myers, R, incumbent, 165 E. Walters Ave., Greencastle

Michele Emmett, D, incumbent, 329 Grant Street, Greencastle

Greencastle Mayor

Robert Eberly, R, incumbent, 84 Homestead Drive, Greencastle

Greencastle Borough Tax Collector

Barbara Bock, R, 75 Homestead Drive, Greencastle

Greencastle-Antrim School Board

William Thorne, incumbent, 168 S. Washington Street, Greencastle

Joel Fridgen, 576 Shannon Drive, Greencastle

Michael Shindle, incumbent, 4439 Williamson Road, Greencastle

Guilford Township Supervisor

Gregory Cook, incumbent, P.O. Box 28, Marion

Guilford Township Constable

Gerald Spielman, R, PO Box 351, Marion

Guilford Township Tax Collector

Carol Wagaman, R, 4619 Mont Alto Road, Fayetteville

Guilford Township Auditor

Harold Armstrong, R, 1536 Hillcrest Drive, Chambersburg

Hamilton Township Supervisor

James Hollenshead, R, 310 Topaz Drive, Chambersburg

Hamilton Township Tax Collector

Jodi Eiker, R, 1565 Frank Road, Chambersburg

Hamilton Township Constable

Gregory Rosenberry, R, 1257 Brechbill Road, Chambersburg

Hamilton Township Auditor

Richard Troup, R, 1260 Frank Road, Chambersburg

Magisterial District Judge 39-3-03

David Plum, R, 1767 Gabler Road, Chambersburg

Carol Anne Redding, D, 197 Theodore Drive, Chambersburg

Michael Waters, R, PO Box 34, Pleasant Hall

Letterkenny Township Supervisor

Charles Myers, R, 8134 Cumberland Highway, Chambersburg

Letterkenny Tax Collector

Jane Horn, R, 10352 Mountain Road, Upper Strasburg

Letterkenny Township Auditor

Michael Shaffer, R, Box 115, Upper Strasburg

Kathryn Johnson, PO Box 67, Upper Strasburg

Lurgan Township Supervisor

Andrew Brenize, R, 7009 Sunset Road, Newburg

Bob Boyd, R, 8750 Roxbury Road, Lurgan

Lurgan Township Tax Collector

Barbara Wiser, R, 8427 Roxbury Road, Lurgan

Lurgan Township Constable

Todd Shuman, R, 17067 Cumberland Highway, Chambersburg

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