Mail Call

March 10, 2009

"I'm calling about the Boonsboro caller stating that West Virginia Health Department does not inspect restaurants. My best advice to him is to call Berkeley County Health Department and check to see how many restaurants they shut down." - Bunker Hill, W.Va.

"I was having lunch the other day at Arby's, and I spilled my iced tea all over the table, and the man who was sitting at the table next to me, without saying a word, got up and came back with napkins, and he helped me clean up the mess. I just wanted to say thank you again. There are still real gentlemen around." - Williamsport

"I can't understand why some of these powers that be don't take some of these abandoned trailers and make units for the homeless out of them. It seems to me it would be a very simple thing to do. These people need homes, we've got empty trailers, it shouldn't cost too much." - Halfway


"All we hear in the news media is that things are so bad because of President Bush, but why is the stock market still dropping now, if that is so, when President Obama is in charge? When will he start becoming responsible for what he's doing?" - Boonsboro

"Well, I'm hoping you Obama supporters are loving the change. We got an 8.1 percent unemployment rate, deficits soaring, spending soaring, people losing their jobs. Well, I guess Obama can go ahead and have a few billion slipped into a spending bill so unemployment offices can put HDTVs in their lobby, so the people looking for work can watch the president in style. Hope you're all loving the change." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"I'm calling to give the Washington County emergency service system 30 days to straighten out the problems at the Fairplay Fire Co. If nothing is done, I'll be contacting the governor's office and asking him to send some type of task force up here. Remember, you have 30 days, and no longer."- Hagerstown

"We should not feel sorry for the rich who may lose some of their tax reductions for charity gifts. That tax deduction is money out of all of us's pockets, since it is tax money. There are way too many tax credits given out. This is adding to the debt. It's tax money." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I'm reading the paper about the sports teams in Hagerstown. You know, I think it's time the BOE takes a look at some of these coaches that are coaching these teams, when they lose year after year after year after year. I really feel sorry for some of these kids that go out there, work their guts out. ... And when you keep losing year after year after year, I think it's time for the BOE to take a look. I notice now that they are improving the basketball situation, but there's some other sports that need attention, which is football, especially, when they lose year after year, year after year." - Hagerstown

"No new liquor taxes, but I don't agree with Sen. Munson that for an extra quarter a six-pack I will make it in my bathtub - though he might. Forget taxes, just put a nickel or dime deposit on beer cans and bottles. I think states do that knowing that a percentage will never come back. So if you are too lazy to recycle, you pay extra. And if you litter, others will be glad to pick them up." - Hagerstown

"At a time when property taxes are being raised at a record rate, we cannot afford to live in our own homes. The County Commissioners are spending $2.2 million on 458 acres of easement. Just what is an easement? County Commissioners, please print a copy of the contract the person will sign that has 111 acres and will receive over $470,000. It is our money. Please show some honesty, and reply. " - Clear Spring

"I'd like to congratulate our Maryland Senate for approving a death penalty with limits. I think they showed great wisdom and a great concern for the families of murder victims, and especially in this time when DNA evidence, cameras and other things can substantiate the murder, and people are no longer railroaded, primarily because of race, into a death penalty." - Smithsburg

"I'd like someone to answer my question. Why were those correctional officers handcuffed when they went to the courthouse? I cannot find any legal reasoning behind that action. And also, who notified the media that they were being taken in, especially in the front? This sounds like some kind of a set-up deal to make these guys look guilty, before they've even had a chance. I have a lot of years in the Division of Correction, and I've seen this happen only once before. It involved 11 officers, and these fellows were finally given the chance." - Hagerstown

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