Mail Call

March 10, 2009

"I'd like to call and thank Mr. Zimmer from Winter Street Elementary School, the great program he put on on March 5, Read a Night with Dr. Seuss. My daughter and I attended that program. It was wonderful, it was a evening well spent. Once again, thank you to the staff at Winter Street Elementary School for March 5, evening well spent." - Hagerstown

"We citizens need to take this country back over. As a small business owner, I'm forced to provide layoffs for my employees because I can't afford the taxes and to pay for health insurance. But if I was a foreigner, I could run a business tax-free for several years, and go back to my home country and send over another relative and they could run it for several years, tax-free. We've got to stop this." - Hagerstown

"Could someone please tell me, who do I contact to complain about the trash on Nestle Quarry Road, as well as Grade Road? That's in Falling Waters, W.Va. The trash is just getting worse every day. I've already left messages at City Hall, but no one has called me back. So would someone please, from the Mail Call, call in and tell me exactly who should I be complaining to?" - Falling Waters, W.Va.


"The lady that called from the Sheetz store and got the murderer caught, she deserves a big bonus from Sheetz, plus the public should give her some money, too, and because God knows who else would have been next on the list for that man. Think about it. God bless everybody." - Hancock

"Millions of little children standing out at 5 in the morning, waiting on the school bus. What's this world coming to? First it was seat belts, then it was helmets, now it's TV boxes. What next, a monitor around our neck to pay for taxes on everything we say and every step we take? No wonder the country's in such a bad shape, with the crazy people running it. But I know you won't print this, because it's the truth." - Clear Spring

"In contradiction to Gov. O'Malley's stance on the death penalty, I think the Hammersla case is a prime example of where life does not mean life. We have the death penalty; keep it and use it." - Smithsburg

"For all you people complaining about Richardson's closing: When is the last time you ate there, or at any other local business, for that matter? If people would quit supporting these cookie-cutter national chains, our local small operators would have a fighting chance. ... So the next time you see one of these local operators shut their doors, take a look at how you have (spent your money). Have you spent it at a local business, or have you given it to a multinational corporation based halfway around the world? Food for thought." - Hagerstown

"Once again, Nancy Pelosi proves she can't understand normal thinking." - Maugansville

"I think President Obama should work for the IRS. At least he seems really good at finding tax cheats." - Clear Spring

"I would like to know where the fire was Thursday morning, around 8 a.m. on Downsville Pike, going toward Hagerstown. A white county vehicle, SUV, was going at least 20 miles over the speed limit, passing myself and three other vehicles at Oak Ridge intersection. By the time I caught up to her at South Hagerstown High School, I barely caught a glimpse of the SUV. This isn't the first time for this vehicle." - Hagerstown

"Del. Serafini's bill to clarify the current laws regarding public school students' religious freedom is merely a part of a nationwide effort by the Discovery Institute to transform the United States of America into a fundamentalist Christian theocracy. Our students already have the rights that this bill wants codified. Our delegates should not waste time on duplicating laws." - Knoxville, Md.

"I went to the grocery store like two weeks ago. This is the first I went today, and the cereal boxes have popped up like two inches, each one. I can't even get them in my cupboard. I have to cut the tops off, and when you get in there, you go way down and then there's where you find your cereal. Why do they do that? No wonder these landfills are filling up, and people are burning their trash at home, because what are we gonna do with it? I mean, it's no sense in this. All that cereal - no cereal and all box." - Boonsboro

"Thanks to the lady who wrote the letter about multiple sclerosis. I have had MS for seven years, and I want people to know that it is a disease - not like cancer, but that we also have days when we hurt and we just feel really bad. So please, everyone read up on how bad MS can be, and also understand that we have days that we're not feeling very good." - Williamsport

"I've read a lot of opinions about what people think about Rush Limbaugh. To me, it doesn't make sense what we think about him. I think the president and his staff, instead of attacking a private citizen, they ought to be more concerned about the American people losing their jobs, being laid off and the stock market. Why are we trying to attack a private citizen, when he's got all those concerns? It doesn't make sense to me." - Boonsboro

"I'd just like to say that I believe Mayor McCleaf should not put any of the people who ran against him, as far as Mr. Cline and Mr. Pereschuk and Mrs. Cole. It's just complete contention, and he could never move on or promote Williamsport." - Williamsport

"This is to the County Commissioners. My company is thinking about building an apartment complex for low-income housing. You think we could build it out in the Robinwood area? Since you gave permission to the hospital to go five stories, could I have permission, too?" - Hagerstown

"My wife just said, 'If the Republicans cared two figs about the future of this country, they would work with the president. But they don't; all they care about is power.' The American people recognize this, which is why the GOP is careening toward oblivion." - Chambersburg, Pa.

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