Letters to the Editor

March 10, 2009

Ban Barbie in W.Va.?

To the editor:

Dear Del. Jeff Aldridge:

I am a resident of Martinsburg,W.Va. and I am baffled why you would try to ban Barbies in W.Va.! Have you ever taken a trip to the stores and actually looked at the Barbies? Evidently not, if you haven't seen the idea of what Barbie represents to a girl's future!

There are "I can be" Barbies as in "When I grow up." There are set-ups to be a physician, veterinarian, marine biologist, teacher, ballerina, chef, swim teacher and even president of the United States, just to name a few.

If you have any little girls, you must not have taken the time to look at Barbies. They no longer just get a tan and cater to Ken.


Even the Barbie kits that are for fashion and make-up boost a girl's confidence! My 11-year-old daughter loves Barbie and has all types of Barbies, from the make-up, swimming party to the professional series.

My daughter is a beautiful ballerina, and very intelligent. She dresses very conservatively and in no way has Barbie, a mere toy, given her the guidance she needs in life.

That comes from her family. Her grandmother and I are both respected health care professionals and we played with Barbies. My son is a biochemistry major for pre-med. I'm so thankful all those Ninja Turtles didn't sway his future or I'd be taking care of a young man who thinks he's green and wants to live in the sewers around town. We live in the Tri-State area and maybe we will have to bring back the days of bootlegging and result to smuggling Barbies across the state line.

I'm appalled that you would insult my parenting with this law. Also, it's a disgrace to West Virginia as a state that you would take the taxpayers' money to make laws about a classic toy when all other states are creating laws to revolutionize our nation!

It looks as if Mattel, the creator of Barbie, is more aware of the current status of women in America than you are! Thanks for taking time to read my letter,

Sheri Gregory

Editor's note: According to Associated Press reports, West Virginia Del. Aldridge, D-Lincoln, proposed the ban, saying that such toys influence young girls to put too much emphasis on physical beauty, instead of their emotional and intellectual development.

Get fit and enjoy yourself at county's senior center

To the editor:

The Senior Center at Girls Inc. offers seniors 55 and above wonderful opportunities to exercise, learn computer skills, make jewelry, paint, dance, play cards and socialize.

But wait, there's more! Stop by Girls Inc. at 626 Washington Ave. in Hagerstown or call 301-671-2368 to learn about all the activities available at the center.

Every Monday and Friday, I join the strength training and Yoga classes.

Our instructor, Candace Valencia, is superb. She teaches to all levels of ability so we all feel comfortable. We have fun as we become more fit and relaxed. I expect those of us in the classes will be healthier.

The center's manager, Kathy Fisher, and her assistant, Linda Rojahn, greet us with welcoming smiles. The Caf Ladies, Dixie Davis and Nancy Shumaker, run the caf, where we can have lunch or just enjoy the complimentary coffee and some conversation.

Thank you, Washington County Commissioners, the Commission on Aging and Girls Inc. for providing this center.

Judith E. Ferro

No frills, please, just the vote

To the editor:

Please! I was born in Washington, D.C., and lived with the issue of "no vote but pay taxes" for years. Keep the D.C. voting rights bill clean - no additions, subtractions, etc. Give D.C. the right to vote, plain and simple, period. Thank you.

Dr. Martin Gallagher Jr.

The search for serenity is a trip worth taking

To the editor:

Let us think tranquility, calm and serenity. If ever I felt it, I do now as I sit and look out this window.

I see a beautiful winter painting by the master painter. Little snow flakes telling me to enjoy them now before they melt away.

The dark branches on the huge tree have a topping of pure white icing.

The red birds have gathered for their recital, up and down, bobbing, then turning and flying off as we applaud. White sky, white ground, so compatible.

Mother Nature has a way of teaching us patience. It will snow, rain, blow or the sun will shine when she puts up the green light or stop shining when she puts up the red light for it to stop.

It is a good thing she makes these decisions. A little boy once told his mother, "Mommie, I screwed up." I am afraid we would do the same. Mankind can do some biggies in failures and some in victories.

The combination can produce love, faith and forgiveness or doubt, anxiety and fear. Let us practice being calm and serene. It is out there. We need to search for and find it.

It may be in the heavens, in nature, in others, in ourselves. Never cease the search. It is worth finding.

Frances Moats

Is it time to secede from the union?

To the editor:

President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seem intent on continuing their march around the U.S. Constitution.

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