Please vote in Hagerstown's primary

March 09, 2009

The Hagerstown forecast for Tuesday is for partly cloudy skies, with a high of 56 degrees. That means the first decision you'll have to make after breakfast is whether to wear a light jacket or something heavier.

But the most important decision citizens will have to make on Tuesday is whether to vote in Hagerstown's primary election.

Haven't paid enough attention during the campaign? That's not a good excuse. Today you can go to The Herald-Mail Web site and click on Hagerstown City Election.

There you will find answers to a series of questions asked of the candidates and and profiles of them.

There are even videos of many of them, in which they were invited to say, in their own words, why they should be elected.

Now is not the time to sit home and comfort yourself with the terrible lie that one person's vote doesn't matter. In the recent election for the Mayor of Williamsport, fewer than 20 votes separated the two contenders. Every vote does count, so don't allow yours to go to waste.


We could offer you stories about how past Americans suffered and died to create and preserve the privilege to vote.

But if history and the sacrifices of the past don't move you, consider this: The people who get their parties' nominations tomorrow and win victory in May's general election will determine how much property tax you pay, which public services you receive and whether the jobs attracted to the city in the next four years will be dead-end, minimum-wage positions or something better - for you and your children.

The Washington County Board of Elections has announced a polling place change for precinct 3-3. All voters who normally vote at Emma K. Doub Elementary School will vote at South Hagerstown High School, gymnasium entrance.

If you are in doubt about your registration or polling location - call 240-313-2050. Voting will run from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. at all polling places.

We've done all we can do. Please vote on Tuesday.

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