Holtzman says 70 campaign signs stolen

March 09, 2009|By DAN DEARTH

HAGERSTOWN -- A Republican candidate in the Hagerstown mayoral race filed a police report Monday saying 70 of her campaign signs were stolen over the last week.

Ann Holtzman said she had about 100 campaign signs placed across town before the thefts occurred.

"I've just had people asking if I've conceded because my signs are down," Holtzman said. "I just want people to know I'm still running."

Holtzman faces Jonathan R. Burrs and incumbent Robert E. Bruchey II in the city's Republican primary Tuesday.

Bruchey said "holy goodness" when he received word Monday of the sign thefts. Bruchey put out 60 signs, but only four are missing, he said.

Burrs reported about three of his 35 signs are gone.

"I'll go around and check," Burrs said. "That's not good that someone stole (Holtzman's) signs."

Holtzman said she plans to press charges if the culprit or culprits are caught. The signs cost $16 each, which put her losses at about $1,120, she said.


Hagerstown Police Sgt. Paul J. Kifer Jr. said some of the signs were stolen from the lawns of private residences and in the area of Garland Groh Boulevard near Best Buy.

Burrs said two of his signs also were stolen near Garland Groh Boulevard.

Surveillance cameras are being checked, but it is possible that some or all of the signs were out of range, Kifer said. Investigators also plan to interview residents who live where a large number of the signs were taken.

"We'll ask around to see if there are any witnesses," Kifer said.

The person or people responsible for stealing the signs could be charged with felony theft scheme, Kifer said.

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