Mail Call

March 03, 2009

"The CIA now admits to destroying 92 interrogation videos. I would like to see a CIA interrogation video starring 'W,' Dick Cheney and Karl Rove." - Rohrersville

"Monday, March 2, commuting to Frederick on Route 40, about 5 a.m.: Thumbs up to Washington County road crews for having cleared and treated the roads. Thumbs down to Frederick County roads crews for not having plowed or treated the roads, and making it one of my most treacherous commutes in years." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling from Hagerstown, and I agree with the caller who asked the newspaper to print daily or weekly, recycling sites for newspapers, Styrofoam, etc. I called in and requested a place to recycle electronic items, computers, TVs or cell phones, but this did not get printed. Surely there are sites locally. I'm trying to live green but have no idea where to recycle. Please don't say you don't have enough space in the newspaper. It seems to be getting smaller and smaller every week." - Hagerstown


"I'm calling in reference to the story that's in today's paper, Monday, March 2, from the person in Hagerstown, about witnessing the accident with the police, sheriff's department car going through a red light. Believe me, they can get away with it." - Brownsville

"Raising this booze tax is the last straw. I am not rich. I can't fly to Cancun or take a cruise to the Bahamas, like the big shots do. I take all my trips without leaving the farm. I have a still and I ain't afraid to use it." - Pondsville

"I would just like to know why the city has waited until hard times fall on people to make them put in sidewalks and new curbs. It's very hard on the elderly and those that are out of work, and I just would like to know why they have waited until now." - Hagerstown

"This is to the caller who is a Christian and approves the homosexual lifestyle. Yeah, right. I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell to you." - Hagerstown

"I see where comedian Rush Limbaugh was talking at the CPAC conference Saturday, and he said there's no evidence that this Obama plan, or anybody that's running it, there's no evidence that it's ever worked. Well, that's true, because it's never been tried before. But there is evidence that the plan the Republicans have done the past 20 years, there's evidence that it's not working. I mean, look at the economy. So Rush, look at your facts." - Hagerstown

"With all the crime of drugs and prostitution in Hagerstown already, I don't think we need a gentlemen's club. It's already on the street. Let them go to any corner. They can get their prostitute and street dancing." - Smithsburg

"I saw in Sunday's paper where Mrs. Nigh is downing the downtown squad. I think they do a fine job. They don't just work in the downtown, Mrs. Nigh. If you have a scanner, you can hear that they're all over the city of Hagerstown doing their duty and also, about the downtown squad and the regular police department, at one time a day the City of Hagerstown passed an ordinance where you couldn't ride skateboards or bicycles on the sidewalk. They also confiscated them. Why don't they start that again? It helped. And summer's coming on, and it's gonna be twice as bad." - Hagerstown

"I cannot believe this. It's snowing terrible down here in the southern part of the county and school is called, but I'm not going. I'm not going on the bus today. School is being called in, just two hours delay, and it's snowing terrible. What is wrong? And when the sun's shining, they don't have school, and when it's snowing, they have school. They don't know what the roads are down through here. This road, the plow's been on this road three times this morning, and now it's covered again. Frederick County people just don't know to run this BOE." - Boonsboro

"I totally disagree with the gentlemen's club being placed at Richardson's. This is not the first impression that I would want people to have when they come into the historical downtown Hagerstown." - Hagerstown

"Here's an interesting scenario. Conservatives are strictly anti-abortion, but they are the first to vote against insuring the children. I'm talking about the SCHIP program. They're also the first to send them off to war to possibly die, and also the first to vote for capital punishment. I guess they must think it must be the thought that counts." - Hagerstown

"I agree with Tim Rowland's piece in the paper, 'Let's track would-be abusers.' Good job, Tim, and I agree with also the people that voted on the president's Tuesday night address. Nah, I'm against it, too. And the last thing is, Obama wants to do something good - start protecting the elderly from abuse in nursing homes and do something for the elderly and the retirees, instead of everybody else. We're struggling, too, just like everybody else." - Hancock

"I'd like to congratulate the Williamsport girls' travel league basketball team. They went undefeated this season, and this weekend they're in the playoffs. So go, girls. You're just great." - Hagerstown

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