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March 02, 2009

This week's question:

After confessing to steroid use, which do you believe will best describe Alex Rodriguez's season this summer with the New York Yankees?

o He'll hit 50 home runs because of the lingering effects of the juice. - 3 votes (8 percent)

o He'll hit 20 home runs because he's not on the juice. - 2 votes (5 percent)

o He'll have a bad season because of all the scrutiny. - 16 votes (41 percent)

o He'll have a good season because he's come clean and the pressure's off. - 9 votes (23 percent)

o He'll get beaned by an angry pitcher and miss the year.- 9 votes (23 percent)


o Posted by heyceeo on Feb. 23

Yippee, I was first! Seriously, who really cares? Wonder if the steroids caused him to abandon his family and carouse around with Madonna? That's the real story.


o Posted by notlaffen on Feb. 23

What a great question for all the A-Rod fans. I am not one of those misguided people, so I agree with heyceeo. Who really cares?

o Posted by justthink on Feb. 23

Since my now unpublished comment was the probable "coup de grace" for the recent month-long comment poll and comment, I feel obligated now to participate in this change, although I was hoping for more of a political issue.

Anyhow, I think A-Rod will have a decent, but not great season. He will be affected by all that he has brought upon himself, but his talent is great and he'll still be among the better hitters. I don't think "the juice" helps a guy have better eye/hand skills ... just maybe makes a few more of the long balls go over the fence. But as an Orioles fan, if he wants to screw up the evil empire in NY, go, baby, go!

o Posted by SoaringEagle Feb 23

Who cares about ballgames when our country is being stripped of its sovereignty? We have a president who's committed to destroying everything we believe in, including our sports.

Bush started the wrecking ball to destroy our economy with his grudge war. He has handed the baton over to a man who will drive the last nail in Uncle Sam's casket.

This week's question:

What's an appropriate way to protect a woman who has been threatened by her husband, ex-husband or boyfriend?

o Take his guns away until the trial so he can't shoot her.

o Put a GPS bracelet on his ankle so police can tell if he's stalking her.

o Take him to a state prison to meet a convict who did kill his spouse so the angry man can see what the consequences of doing so are.

o Give the woman a gun and shooting lessons so she can protect herself if he approaches her.

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