Mail Call

February 25, 2009

"I want to thank God for the wonderful job he did when he made me. As I looked in the mirror this morning, I realized that he does make all things perfect, and I just want to take a minute to thank him and ask him to keep up the good work. Lord, it's hard to be humble." - Sharpsburg

"I'm beginning to think that the economy situation is part of Obama's redistribution of wealth. He's going to make it where everyone loses something, so your neighbor, who don't want to work, and collect welfare, can get caught up very nicely, even though they don't deserve it. I work hard for what little I have, and I'm proud, and I think people who choose to be lazy should not have nice things or even own a home." - Hagerstown

"What makes people think they have the right to let their dog out all hours of the morning, day and night, to bark and wake neighbors up who are trying to sleep?" - Hagerstown


"I think that the old Richardson's building on the Dual Highway would be an excellent place for a gentlemen's club." - Hagerstown

"I can't believe our mayor is blaming the outstanding bills for the parking deck on the sluggish economy. The economy was good in 2005. Also, I can remember when council people wanted the bill for security for Downtown Live paid in advance. Maybe next year this will happen." - Hagerstown

"I heard there was a UFO sighting in Sharpsburg last week, and I wondered if anybody had seen or heard anything about it." - Sharpsburg

"I thought it was against the law to panhandle in Hagerstown. I stopped at the light at Mulberry and Baltimore Street, and was approached at my window of my car by a homeless man who was looking for money, and his friend stood on the sidewalk. I can't believe that this is not against the law, and it's not the first time. They're there every day. They've even approached a friend of mine who lives in the vicinity and works in that vicinity. They've approached her at her car at night when it was dark. I just can't believe something can't be done about this." - Hagerstown

"I just read in one of the local papers where they're going to have a withdrawal within 18 months, a troops withdrawal. I mean, why don't they make up their mind and all? I mean, I read in your paper, I believe, where they're adding more troops to already the amounts over there." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Heads up to those drivers who are exiting Mount Aetna Road onto the Dual Highway. I mean that literally. There are two signs above the turn road there that indicate there are two lanes turning right, which is the only way you can go. Most people line all up at the one line. There's 10 or 20 cars, sometimes, lined up there, when they can really go into two lanes. Just pay attention at the new intersection. Some people complain about it, but if they read the signs, it's a good intersection." - Hagerstown

"This is to vote for Jeff Cline for mayor of Williamsport, and Earle Pereschuk Sr. for assistant mayor of Williamsport. Mayor McCleaf did not did anything while he was office, so let's vote for Jeff Cline and Earle Pereschuk to change Williamsport around, on March 2." - Hagerstown

"I think the city police department should do something about the children skateboarding on the corner of Maryland Avenue and Howard Street. I've come by a lot of times during the day after work, and also 10, 11:00 at night they're out there skateboarding, and I think the police department ought to investigate it, because they're stopping cars." - Hagerstown

"Just like to respond to the Hagerstown caller who say that Republicans enrich just the rich. Well, I'm a taxpayer, too; work 40 hours a week, and they have helped me by lowering the taxes. On the other hand, the Democrats want to give my taxes to people who don't want to work, have no desire to work, and never will work." - Hagerstown

"I was watching Lou Dobbs tonight on CNN, and he was saying how we've loaned AIG almost $160 billion, and their net worth is only worth a billion dollars. He was saying isn't that ... throwing good money after bad? And then he was saying after we finish getting this loan from China, we gonna end up owing them, counting interest, over $2 trillion - that's trillion dollars. Don't forget now, you can't blame the Republicans for everything, because they've been in charge of the House and the Senate for the last six years." - Williamsport

"I get a kick of these Republicans complaining about Barack Obama's stimulus package trying to help the American people, help the businesses, and there in the eight years of Bush administration, he was bringing out wheelbarrows of money, sending it over to foreign countries, to Iraq, which was a senseless war to begin with, and they went along with all that, but now he's trying to help our country and these guys, especially this Bobby Jindal, governor in Louisiana. What I'd do to him, I wouldn't give him a penny. He don't want to take half of it, so I wouldn't give him none of it." - Hagerstown

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