Antrim might scale back paving work

February 25, 2009|By KATE S. ALEXANDER

GREENCASTLE, Pa. -- Antrim Township could end up paving less roads in 2009 if the price of oil remains high.

Roadmaster Paul Minnich said despite the fall in the price of oil per barrel, the price of paving materials is still at a peak, which could force the township to take roads off its list for improvement in 2009.

Preliminary proposals obtained by Minnich for paving the eight miles of road have come in much higher than the township anticipated.

"A few of the proposals are well in the millions," he told supervisors Tuesday night. "We will definitely have to cut one or two (roads) from the list."


During budget discussions in October, Minnich estimated it would cost about $1 million to pave eight miles of road in the township, including parts of Shanks Church Road, Shinham Road, Phillippy Road, Marsh Road, Gearhart Road, Talhelm Road and North Rabbit Road.

The board previously set aside $1 million for paving after Minnich said Chairman Curtis Myers suggested $800,000 would be insufficient for all eight miles.

On Tuesday, Minnich said if any project should be cut from the list it would be North Rabbit Road.

To further reduce the cost for paving in 2009, Minnich suggested not widening two of the roads on the list.

Both Shinham Road and Marsh Road were scheduled for the township to widen from 18 feet to 20 feet.

Minnich said the work involved to overcome some natural features on the shoulder of both roads would be costly and suggested the board keep both roads at 18 feet wide.

The board said that it will wait for the bids to come back on the road projects before deciding if any will be cut after it unanimously approved keeping both Shinham and Marsh Roads at 18 feet to save money.

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