Mail Call

February 24, 2009

"Whether or not you are going to vote for Mayor Jim McCleaf, whether or not you like Mayor McCleaf, you have to admit he was instrumental in getting Williamsport turned around and out of bad times. Williamsport is not completely out of trouble, but it's a lot better than four years ago. With his vision and insight, he guided his council and others to do what needed to be done. Remember this when you vote in March. Thank you, Mayor McCleaf, for what you have accomplished." - Williamsport

"Bet I'm not the only one who has heard too much in the news about the Boonsboro fire. It was a serious fire, but was contained by the firemen to several buildings, and no one was seriously hurt. Let's put it to rest now and move on." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I see in the paper where Alesia D. Parson-McBean lists her address as City Hall. What floor does she reside on? Why does she list City Hall, when all the other candidates list their addresses? What is she hiding? She lost my vote and my family's votes for just this reason." - Hagerstown


"You know, the people in the House and Senate have a life that we just can't afford. They are breaking us. They go on private jets that cost us $10,000 an hour. Now I hear they want to know how many miles a month you put on your car, and tax you on that. Where does it stop?" - Clear Spring

"I am a war veteran, and I resent being called a coward by a new attorney general." - Boonsboro

"I'm calling about the half-staff and half-mast - 'one is on a ship.' I lived nine years on a destroyer. I'd like to know what ship this person lived on that put this in here." - Cearfoss area

"Since the federal court decision on the 20th of February, I think it's time for the newspaper to do an article on the reserves, what we had and what we spent this past year in the City of Hagerstown and Washington County. We need to know before the budgets are made up and supported. Freedom of information lets us do it. Newspaper, please do that article for the paper. No one's letting us know where our money is, and we have a right to know where our money is and how it's spent." - Chewsville

"Comment on this Martinsburg, W.Va., writer who said 'The programs designed to enrich a favored few while we taxpayers ...' Who do you think the Bush Republicans in the last eight years have enriched? They sure haven't enriched me, and I'm a taxpayer. They have enriched the richest, and the oil companies and the Republicans, that's all they've ever enriched." - Hagerstown

"I think these judges are making too much money and they should be lowered down. Plus a lot of the other higher-ups, they should be all put in the paper how much they are. And they make too much money." - Hagerstown

"Tell the right-wing David or whatever his name is and Rush Limbaugh to lay off the president. We're all trying to get along, and we don't appreciate these guys interfering with our lives." - Hagerstown

"In response to a lot of people being mad about Michael Phelps getting caught smoking marijuana, you know, our own president admitted to doing it, and that wasn't a problem; he was still elected. Michael Phelps can move on from this, and I'd say the majority of Americans, myself included, would support legalizing marijuana. I would love to see a poll done around the local area to see what people's thoughts were on it, of legalizing marijuana." - Hagerstown

"Does anyone have any idea why The Herald-Mail will not print in Mail Call anything that anybody calls in about the Washington County government budget? It's amazing, they'll print other stuff that don't amount to a hill of beans." - Hagerstown

"Gov. O'Malley wants to do away with the death penalty? I say no, no, no. ... We need to get up in arms if they try to stop the death penalty. Are you with me?" - Hancock

"To the person who wrote in about politicians and alleged religious leaders who routinely hate gay people and call it immorality: It is not in any way, shape or form religious folks, as you call us, who hate gay people. It's hate the sin, not the people. We love the people." - Hagerstown

"This is concerning the death penalty in Maryland. Instead of abolishing the death penalty, why don't they just limit the appeals? If you put somebody in jail for life without parole, they could live 60 years, at $30,000 a year. Just limit the appeals." - Hagerstown

"It's high time that the police in Hagerstown start doing something about the roving bands of children on bicycles. They trespass on people's properties, they're a nuisance at ... just about any large or small place they can ride a bicycle. The taxpayers are getting fed up." - Hagerstown

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