Letters to the Editor

February 23, 2009

Donations of cards, gifts for our troops most appreciated

To the editor:

Thank you so very much for your support of our 2008 holiday card drive for our troops.

With your help, we sent 366 boxes consisting of 102,207 cards, assorted goodies and many needed items to 85 military members and their units serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. It is wonderful to have such support from our communities for our military heroes serving in combat.

We're very certain that we have brightened their holiday season with some much needed warmth from home. Please know that our group is extremely proud and humbled by the incredibly supportive response from everyone who contributed.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to those who volunteered their time and talents to read cards, sort items and pack boxes.


Every single person played an important part in the success of our holiday card drive. We couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you once again. God bless our military men and women. Support our troops.

Wishing you a wonderful 2009.

Lynn Jones
group leader
South Washington County
Military Support Group

Will bailout really solve our problems?

To the editor:

Suppose your wife tearfully explained to you that she's racked up $50,000 in credit card debt. To avoid ruining your credit rating and being unable to pay the cable bill, she proposes that you give her $50,000 with which to fix the problem.

You take out a second mortgage on your house, pump the money into your family economy and the crisis is averted.

The problem is that you are now deep in debt to the mortgage holder. Your wife hasn't learned a lesson from this and will likely run up credit card debt again.

Can you avoid a financial catastrophe such as eventual bankruptcy and loss of your house?

That is a rough analogy for our country's boom, bust and bailout.

Doug Delmont
Waynesboro, Pa.

In difficult times, the human spirit can sustain us

To the editor:

It is my belief the recognition of the human spirit in each and every individual is very important. In today's difficult times, the existence of a strong spirit can be vital. Many of us will be required to make decisions out of our comfort zone.

As always, the support of family and friends is needed. A belief in a higher being can be helpful. As a country, we are required to respond to an enemy within just as strongly as to any enemy without.

The importance of government will be demonstrated in the days to come. Some may say that these words do not pay the bills and I agree. I would like to end by saying I believe a positive attitude is better than believing the cup is only half empty.

Meredith Fouche

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