Mail Call

February 23, 2009

"Imagine you see a person at work taking buckets of water from the deep end of a swimming pool and dumping them into the shallow end, in an attempt to make it deeper. You would deem him stupid. That scenario is equivalent to what Congress and the new president proposes for the economy." - Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"I just love to watch the mayor and council on Channel 6 on Tuesday night. It's almost like a circus, and there's no charge. This past Tuesday, one of the council people spoke up 15 times about getting out-of-work people in Hagerstown jobs. It's an election year. She's rerunning." - Hagerstown

"I still say that this gas price is what put the country in the shape it's in right now. I still say that. I'll never change it because once the gas started going, everything started going up and I still blame it on the gas prices. Now they're on the way back up again." - Sharpsburg


"Remember, people, you better pay your taxes ... unless you are important." - Clear Spring

"I think it's time to get rid of Gov. O'Malley. We're tired of him raising taxes, and everything else. Get rid of him." - Hagerstown

"If Obama is going to make us have off every Monday or Friday, then what will they be doing with all the other oil companies and why would we be saving more money and oil?" - Clear Spring

"I was wondering if anyone heard any good stimulus jokes lately." - Boonsboro

"Since President Obama is so closely connected to the labor union, we're all going to suffer a long time." - Rohrersville

"I'm calling in regards to the flag that is flying at the memorial, the war memorial on I-81. The flag, the U.S. flag is in terrible shape. I think it is an awful thing to fly something in honor of those men and women who served our country. Could somebody please put up a new flag? It will be very honorable for those people." - Clear Spring

"Someone criticized Obama for taking a vacation. It was not a vacation. It was a weekend trip to his home in Chicago. The president works 24 hours a day - unless they say they don't want to be bothered after 10:00 at night. So don't criticize him. Give the man a chance." - Hagerstown

"I'm just calling in regard to can we put a GPS collar on Del. Shank so that someone can intercept him before he makes his way to Annapolis?" - Hagerstown

"This is in reference to the caller who quoted what's-his-name, Leonard Pitts, concerning gay values and so forth. I'll tell you something. Christians will never accept the gay lifestyle. To tell them to accept it is like saying 'Two and two is three - accept it.' We never will. We never have, and we never will. We know what He tells us what is right and what is wrong. It's clear in the Bible. You will never get Christians to accept the gay lifestyle, period." - Hagerstown

"In reference to those who wonder why Michael Phelps isn't being charged with using drugs, has the thought ever occurred to you that they have no proof? Yes, there was a picture of him inhaling something from a bong, but really, would that hold up in court? I think not. Come on, people, stop trying to police everyone else with the 'gotcha' game and find something constructive to do with your time." - Smithsburg

"I am disappointed in the amount of graphic detail that is being written about the tragic death of Keese Bare. It is very disturbing to the many family members and friends of Keese. In addition, the newspaper is distributed to many of the schools in the area and read by many young readers. Do we really need to be so graphic? Keep these detailed testimonies in the courts. It is painful enough for his friends and family. And to the rest of the public: It's none of their business. These are local people in our community that are being affected. Please have some respect. I hope your family is never confronted with a similar tragedy." - Sharpsburg

"I'm calling about the light at South High. I'd like to know why it's never on when there are activities at South High. Can't we please leave it on, so there's never another fatality like there was a couple of years ago with a youngster? I think it needs to be on when there's activities at the school." - Hagerstown

"When are the county commissioners going to print in the newspaper the salaries of all county employees? And also, how much are they gonna give them a raise, effective July 1?" - Washington County

"There was an article in your paper a few weeks ago stating that the Washington County sheriff's position deserves a raise because he has more responsibilities for less pay than does Hagerstown police chief, who has less responsibities for more pay. Sounds like the police chief should get a pay cut and that would eliminate the need for a sheriff's raise in pay, thus saving the taxpayer an unnecessary increase in taxes during these troubling times." - Hagerstown

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