Letters to the Editor

February 21, 2009

Just be a part of the community

To the editor:

When I was growing up in the '50s and '60s, there was never any question about clearing snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of our home. Dad met my two brothers and me with four snow shovels, one for him and one for each of us.

We shoveled not only the sidewalk out front, but also those of the elderly and infirm who lived in our section of town. When we were done with that, we went to the church and rectory and cleared their walkways.

There was no whining about "who owned the sidewalks." We did; we were the townspeople and proud of it.

I wish everyone would stop complaining, and do the work that makes a community live and entertaining. It is a simple gift to give and to be part of - and not that hard.


Tom Connelly

Can taxpayers get some information?

To the editor:

At a time when property taxes are being raised at a record rate (we can't afford to live in our own homes) the Washington County Commissioners are spending $2.2 million on 458 acres of easements. Just what is an easement? County Commissioners, please print a copy of the contract the person will sign who has 111 acres and will receive more than $470,000. It is our money. Please show some honesty and reply here in the paper for the taxpayers to see. Also, have any County Commissioners received easement money? Remember it's our money.

J. Baker
Clear Spring

Why did Geesaman really have to leave?

To the editor:

I think that it is about time that the citizens of our township understand what is taking place with three of our Washington Township (Pa.) Supervisors, Carroll Sturm, John Gorman and Christopher Firme. Apparently left unchecked, they discarded someone with 15 years experience on the WTMA Board, Jeff Geesaman.

The excuse that Sturm gave for not voting to retain Jeff on the Board of WTMA (because of the muddy water in the creek) didn't get reported to the township or didn't own up to being the cause.

WTMA reported the problems at the well site on Fish and Game Road to all the regulating agencies it is required to and stopped drilling when a problem occurred.

Allen F. Bird
Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.

I might be outside the town limits, but I'm still concerned

To the editor:

Let me begin by stating that I am not a resident of Williamsport. I live a stone's throw outside the town limits. And if you were to throw a stone within the town limits, you would probably hit one of my relatives, as my family has lived in and around Williamsport since the C&O Canal brought them here shortly after the beginning of the 20th century.

As a member of the town's museum and its parks committee, I am still concerned about our town. Four years ago, Williamsport held an election that brought real change to the community. There were many in town who were uncertain of the new administration and the changes that began to take place. It is easy to misunderstand public disclosure and fiscal responsibility when you are unaccustomed to seeing it in action.

However, it did not take long for the residents and outsiders alike to see a positive change and a real commitment to Williamsport. Things really began to happen and nearly everyone liked what they were seeing.

I am certain that early in his term, Mayor James McCleaf and some of his council were questioning their decision to run for office.

Every day, they uncovered another problem that had been buried or ignored for a decade or more. Fortunately for the town, they stuck with it and rose to the many challenges that confronted them. As a result, there is a true bi-partisan spirit in town now, evident in the ticket which is headed by McCleaf.

I have learned that it is not too difficult to find the mayor or Councilman Tony Drury in town. It seems everywhere I go, I run into one or the other.

Whether it is at a museum meeting, frying hamburgers, (or spam), at a town activity, checking that the bathrooms in the park are locked at night, or just walking around town.

I can truthfully say that Joan Knode, who has been a friend for longer than I can remember and Tim Fraker, another life-long member of our community, are the same as Jim and Tony, in that they are active, sincere and genuinely committed to our town.

Once again, it is time for an election in Williamsport. Once again, the choices are clear.

Kim L. Bowers
(Just outside) Williamsport

Why did students want such a club?

To the editor:

Recently, I attended the Waynesboro (Pa.) High School board meeting and was gratified that the students were allowed to have their Gay-Straight Alliance club.

During the evening, I heard a lot of arguments against the club. People quoted the Bible a lot and talked about moral values. They talked of depravity and feelings of disgust. I heard speeches about sin, homosexuality, pedophilia and sexually transmitted diseases, just to name a few.

As an observer I was intrigued to note that very few people seemed interested in asking the kids why they wanted the club.

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