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February 17, 2009|By KAYLA EXLINE / Pulse Correspondent

Sean Reel, 15, who attends Smithsburg High School, has turned a negative into the positive by starting an organization that acts as a safe-haven for his peers.

On April 12, 2008, Sean started the organization known as Sobriety Saves with the help of friends Brittany Neal, 15, and Matt Ehrhart, 14.

"We are an organization that is here to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse," Sean said.

Sobriety Saves has been a big help to all teens who are involved. It allows kids to relate to others who want to stay sober and just say no.

"It helps other teens by informing them that not everyone chooses to do drugs or drink beer," Sean said. "That's just what some kids need. They need someone to show them that they're not the only ones who want to say no and lead a happy healthy life."


Sean says the organization's mission is to show ways kids can handle peer pressure. They try to give them the tools they need to lead the life they want.

"We help people open up and tell their story so others can hear it and understand why we're here what we're doing," he said.

One way to get their message across "to stay sober" is through the power of music.

"We hold concerts so others can tell their stories and listen to music while our story grows along with theirs and the bands," Sean said.

Sean said the teens who are in Sobriety Saves feel better about themselves because they're doing something positive. He said it helps them live a clean life that can only lead to a successful future.

Sean and his crew have many other plans to get their message out. He said he's planning a big birthday show for sometime between April and June. Sean said he has high hopes for Sobriety Saves and believes his achievements won't stop here.

He said one day he hopes of receiving national recognition with organizations such as, Above The Influence or To Write Love On Her Arms. He believes this will help the organization to continue to raise money and reach out to others.

Through it all, Sean said his mother, Sonya, has been a big help. Sean said she believes he has taken the right road to his situation and she has told him she's very proud of him.

Sean said his mother is one of the main reasons why it has become so successful as it is today. "She's helped us out more than I could have ever asked," he said.

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Anyone is interested in Sobriety Saves can visit the Web site at or through e-mail at

Kayla Exline is a freshman at Antietam Academy. She plans to one day be a journalist.

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