Business woman published in journal

February 15, 2009|By JULIE E. GREENE

McCONNELLSBURG, Pa. - During Sherie Lake's exit interview from an established insurance firm 14 years ago, she was asked if she was afraid. Afraid because Lake was leaving to run her own insurance agency.

Back then Lake says her answer was probably, "Yes."

But during the last 10 years, she concluded that people who work for others are probably the ones who should be afraid.

"I control my own destiny," says Lake, who last year published her first writing - a chapter on time management in "A Business Success Journal," published by Lowry Marketing Group.

Not that striking out on her own was easy. The first five years were purely about survival, says Lake, 44, a graduate of James Buchanan High School who now lives in Big Cove Tannery, Pa.


"I had to be really creative to make it. I didn't come from a family with money. I didn't have a safety net," Lake says. That lack of a safety net led her to business gambles in the beginning such as using her credit card to make payroll.

But 14 years later, Lake Insurance Inc. has quadrupled the number of policies she had at the beginning, to more than 4,000. The agency has offices in McConnellsburg and Mercersburg, Pa, but serves the Tri-State area.

"I always wanted to do a book because it builds credibility in the eyes of consumers and the client base," says Lake.

The book is a compilation of business advice and encouragement written by 10 business entrepreneurs from across the country. The business owners met through The Kennedy Group, a marketing group for entrepreneurs. Each agent put out the book in their name in their region.

Chapter subjects include finding business opportunities, team development, and "How to Get Obscenely Rich in Your Business While Your Competitor Scratches His You Know What Wondering How You Did It."

Autographed copies of "A Business Success Journal" cost $24; for every book sold, $10 will be donated to a local volunteer fire department or emergency services. To purchase a book, call Lake at 800-711-2093.

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