Mail Call

February 12, 2009

"On Jan. 30, 2009, President Obama established a Middle Class Task Force. Anyone can submit ideas by going to" - Rohrersville

"You know, we can't control the Congress or the Senate for spending, but we can control the City Council. I mean, this is just a little ridiculous about this election. It doesn't make any difference if they're spending $1 or $100,000. It's our money. I think we need to vote every one of them out and start over." - Hagerstown

"Concerning all these people that's losing their job or lost their job in the world today, along with people concerned about being in a recession, I feel a lot of the stuff that's happening is happening for a reason, and I feel a lot of these people wouldn't have lost their job if they were willing to take a little bit cut in pay. But no, they're so used to getting that high wage. They're so used to getting that high rate of pay, they don't want to part with it. So I feel it's their own problem, I mean." - Greencastle, Pa.


"I've been reading about the club issue, the gay club issue in Waynesboro. I don't agree with them having a club, for the simple reason that they cannot have a Bible club or any other kind of club in school, so why should gays have a right to a club? I believe what the Bible says. The Bible says hate the sin and forgive the sinner."

- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Concerning the recipe that was in Sunday's paper, for the Oreo balls, I've been making these for over a year. I use the food processor to crush them up, and I would just like to say that they are equally delicious with the mint Oreo cookies, and if you can find them now at this time, the peanut butter Oreo cookies also. We've also dipped them in white chocolate before. Give them a try. They're very easy, and they eat them as fast as you make them." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling regarding the gentleman from Smithsburg, his statement about flying the flag. I wholeheartedly agree with him, and the person complaining about the flag being flown half-mast, more than likely they're complaining about me and my flag, which is a 9/11 flag, which I'm pretty sure they haven't noticed, and since they're probably an Obama-ite, their little statement to him about typical Republican. Of course, they don't remember what 9/11 means or what it has to do with anything. But I will fly my flag at half-mast, and that's the way it's gonna be. And if you don't want to see the flag at half-mast, don't come by my house. God bless America." - Maugansville

"The biggest problem of the economy is Nancy Pelosi won't bring up a bill to drill for oil. She wants to go green, and force people to go to battery vehicles, which people can't buy. I am retired. So get rid of Pelosi, drill for oil, instead of trying to force American people to go green by destroying the economy. Oil's gonna go up and price of gas is gonna go up. So have a nice day." - Hagerstown

"I attended quite a few basketball games with high schools, and I take notice, whenever North Hagerstown High plays a game, win or lose, there's always a big write-up, photographs, of North Hagerstown High, but you never see this in the newspapers in regards to any other schools in the county. Is this a reason for this? Does somebody who has a son or somebody?" - Hagerstown

"Since when is the City of Hagerstown going in the real estate business? Their latest purchase is an old property on South Potomac Street, several houses from the library. If the library plans to expand, this property would be a great second parking lot. As of now, the current lot is always full. Perhaps the city could buy all the houses on South Potomac Street between the library and the church. This would take care of the expansion." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling on behalf of my four sisters, Wanda, Ruth, Teresa and Peggy, and inquiring minds to know, and I don't know if you did print it before. Why do the government employees in Washington get cars, their own cars, and do they get gas also? Do we pay for this? Why can't they just have cars like we do to go to work? We don't get cars. And inquiring minds want to know. Can you please print this? We all want to know. I'd like to have it printed." - Hagerstown

"I hope they find out whoever tied up that little dog to the tree about a week ago in the North End and when they do, they put that person in jail ... if they would do something hideous like that to an animal, what are they gonna do to a person?" - Hagerstown

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