Schools consider 4-day summer weeks

February 12, 2009|By JENNIFER FITCH and DON AINES

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- Franklin County, Pa., school districts are considering a transition to four-day work weeks over the summer in an effort to save utility costs.

Waynesboro Area School District could save approximately $4,000 in electricity costs if it closed buildings every Friday from mid-June to Aug. 3, Business Administrator Caroline Dean said.

Waynesboro's school board is expected to decide Tuesday if it wants to agree to four 10-hour workdays for six to eight weeks this summer.

The Chambersburg Area School District will go with a four-day week between June 15 and Aug. 21, Director of Information Services Sylvia Rockwood said. Employees on a 40-hour schedule will work 10-hour days, while 35-hour employees will work a combination of 8 1/2- to nine-hour days, she said.


The anticipated savings for the district for utilities will be about $20,000, Rockwood said.

Greencastle-Antrim School District Superintendent C. Gregory Hoover said the decision has been made to experiment with a four-day work week this summer.

"We're going to try the month of July this year and see what our savings are," he said.

Hoover said each employee will need to arrange his or her schedule around the four days, since staff members are already responsible for a variety of schedules, whether 40 hours a week, a set number of hours for a part-time position or a specific number of days.

Tuscarora School District tried a four-day work week last year for all buildings except the Central Office, Superintendent Rebecca E. Erb said.

Building on that success, the district will expand that for the Central Office this year, she said.

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