Mail Call

February 11, 2009

"The correctional officers that are complaining about the 12-hour shifts should be happy they have a job. Look at the thousands of people losing their jobs every week. Yes, it will be an inconvenience for a week or two, but you will adjust, along with everyone else. I do have a lot of respect for you, but maybe you guys need to wake up, as O'Malley has been sleeping for years." - Funkstown

"I am asking all restaurants here in Hagerstown and surrounding areas to please honor cards from people who have had gastric bypass surgery. There is an increase in the number of people having this type surgery, and we are given a card to show when we go to a restaurant that asks the facility to let us choose the senior menu or child's menu. I understand some restaurants will not honor these cards, so I am asking you to reconsider this, as after surgery, we have to really watch the amount of food we eat and we still would like to dine out once in awhile. With times being the way they are, we do not want to waste food. I hope you will take this into consideration for us. Thank you." - Hagerstown


"I'm going to have half a fortune in a root canal for a tooth, two dentists, many X-rays and much paperwork. There is lots of publicity about the high cost of medical services, but what about the dentist business? Anyone happy with the dentist business?" - Greencastle, Pa.

"It was good to see that the state roads department came and cut the tree and took the remains of the cedar tree away at the pumping station in Keedysville. Now come and cut the rest of it down because it is now an eyesore." - Keedysville

"One of your Mail Call readers criticized some person for flying our national colors at half-mast, stating that one can only fly it at half-staff in mourning of designated principal government leader. I am a retired military combat veteran and I have been flying my 4x6 flag since the war started. I am mourning our fallen comrades and heroes 24/7 until we no longer have any casualties. I feel it is my obligation and duty to honor our brave and truly deserving fighting troops who sacrificed their lives. My own personal values do not consider politicians to fall into this category, unless they served in the military defending us or are considered part of the military chain of command, such as a president. And nobody can tell me when or how I can fly my flag. I hope you have and are flying your flag on a daily basis. 'De oppresso liber.'" - Smithsburg

"No pork? How is giving millions/billions to teach people how to avoid AIDS and VD, billions to Planned Parenthood, dog parks, the ACORN project, the reason we are in this mess anyway - greed in the housing loans." - Hagerstown

"To the Mail Caller who was frustrated about stink bugs, and said they used duct tape and put it on its back and let it wiggle around until it dies: That's disgusting. You know, just what I do with them is just take a Kleenex, pick them up and throw them outside. You know, it's disgusting to torture." - Washington County

"I think it's time for them to do another survey if they're considering keeping both those streets in Funkstown as one-way streets. If you had to get off work and sit in that line of traffic that comes from the Dual Highway into Funkstown, waiting to get through that one light, have to go through town, set at one stop sign and another light, and then turn right and go up to try back into Hagerstown or go straight there at the bridge, you would be wanting to have another survey." - Smithsburg

"Gas has been on the increase since January. I would like to know who calls all of the gas stations all across the U.S. and tells them to increase the price. I would like The Herald-Mail to find out who does this, and do a story on that." - Funkstown

"I'm glad to see President Obama got his stimulus package passed. It took three Senate Republicans to jump ship, but of course, they're running from their political lies. Now I only hope the only piece of legislation next for President Obama is that he abolishes the Republican Party, so he can seem to get things done." - Hagerstown

"We, like Lisa Prejean, could not find shirts or jeans for our granddaughter. Jeans had brown in them, looking like dirt, and she does not like shirts with pictures and writing on them. My daughter said she was going to have to make clothes for her. Make clothes in U.S., and give jobs to Americans." - Williamsport

"How amazing now that the Republicans want to watch my wallet, after stealing from me for the past eight years to build up the infrastructure of Iraq, while infrastructure in America rates a D-minus in the world." - Chambersburg, Pa.

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