Funkstown streets might stay 1-way

February 10, 2009|By MARLO BARNHART

FUNKSTOWN - More than a year after a vote was taken on whether to keep Poplar and Chestnut streets one-way at Edgewood Drive, the Maryland State Highway Administration has recommended it become a permanent solution.

And now that project - and 12 others - have been included in a wish list that might see some additional funds when the Town of Funkstown joins up with Washington County government for a slice of economic stimulus money that might be headed its way.

Funkstown Vice Mayor Paul N. Crampton Jr. said in November that the town should budget the two one-way streets for 2009 and have the work done to make it permanent this spring.

Councilman John Phillips III agreed to that at the November meeting.

"The plan is for traffic to funnel down to one lane where now there are two," Crampton said.

At the town's request, the SHA conducted an analysis and made several drawings of possible solutions. Drawings of Poplar and Chestnut streets were handed out at the November meeting.


Crampton said he recommended concrete curbs and some shrubs where Edgewood and Chestnut streets meet. And now with the possibility of getting some economic stimulus money, additional curbs along Edgewood could be funded at an estimated $26,000 for the whole package.

Included in the packet handed out at the November meeting was a $12,775 estimate by Henson and Son Inc. for just the work on Chestnut and Poplar streets, which includes site preparation, removal of asphalt, curb and street repair, topsoil and seed, and traffic control.

The one-way plan was one of several proposed after an SHA traffic survey. It was put into effect in September 2007 for a four-month test.

A number of town meetings in 2007 and 2008 attracted women with small children concerned about speed and the volume of traffic on Poplar and Chestnut streets - a problem that prompted the change in the traffic pattern.

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