Letters to the Editor

February 07, 2009

Stop the spending

To the editor:

For the past two years, the Maryland GOP has closely documented the Annapolis Democrat's agenda of burdening Maryland citizens with increased taxes to fund new and expanded government programs.

Gov. Martin O'Malley and his commission buddies approved a public works purchase of 4,700 acres of privately owned forestland in Worchester County for $14.4 million. It will be financed from the Maryland's Program Open Space, a conservation program funded by the state's real-estate tax. The land is part of a 9,242-acre area that O'Malley said the state would buy last month for $71 million.

The Democrat-controlled leadership in Annapolis has given us unprecedented tax increases from the 2007 special session. The Democratic policy promoting bloated state budgets and the anticipated $1.9 billion deficit in the upcoming budget year, is just too unreal. Folks, that is with a "B" - $1.9 billion.


We don't need this kind of chronic spending. We don't need to bend to the liberal environmentalists at this time; give us a break. Stop this spending for two or three years and let us catch our breath. In this weakening economy, we need tax relief, not more spending.

O'Malley was willing to put state workers on furlough to address the state's budget shortfall. That $14.4 million will have to come out of our pockets eventually; why not put it to more justified use? How are we going to pay for the upkeep of this property? The land will come off the tax roles.

The times right now are tough enough. It's imperative that Marylanders hold O'Malley and his supporters in the General Assembly accountable for their chronic overspending.

David M. McGaha

Jonathan Burrs for mayor

To the editor:

I wish I lived in Hagerstown. This is what I thought when I heard that my friend, Jonathan Burrs, was running for mayor. Instead of voting for the least offensive candidate, citizens of Hagerstown can cast a proud vote for Jonathan Burrs.

When I first met Jon he had the physique of a bodybuilder and a giant smile, certainly an impressive figure. I found out very quickly while working with him, that his intellect was just as impressive. While time may have slightly diminished his physical stature, his intellect is as sharp as ever.

There were many days when I would be down about myself and found myself questioning everything, but Jon's positive attitude and strong beliefs always seemed to bring me and my coworkers through, even on our toughest days. He never waivers in his beliefs, and is not afraid to discuss them with you. His beliefs start with God, and continue with his family, his country and the people who make up this country.

The computer industry is a very fluid industry, an industry that continues to ship jobs to anyplace but here, the United States. Like so many American industries today, there is no job security. During the times we worked together, he spent a lot of time trying to secure work for himself. When he found jobs that weren't a good fit for him, he pointed others to those jobs.

He even had a plan to bring those jobs back with "insourcing." While the changing industry kept this from happening, this is what America needs more of - American companies, using American labor, providing good-paying jobs. While this work was on a very small scale, everyone starts somewhere.

The national Republican party has lost its way, and in turn lost its chance to lead for the foreseeable future. The way back is with young, energetic, strong conservatives.

Jon fits the requirements and is exactly what we need. There will be hard fights and days when compromising principles will be the easy thing to do.

Guys like Jon, don't compromise principles and don't have to figure out who they are. That's how the conservatives of the Republican party get back to power and lead us out of our current situation.

I hope the Republicans of Hagerstown take advantage of this opportunity and select a leader they can be proud to follow.

John Trupe Jr.
Hyattsville, Md.

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