Mail Call

February 03, 2009

"The Potomac Playmakers' new home at the Academy Theater in Hagerstown is absolutely delightful. It's so nice to have such a nice facility in downtown. The play that's running now, 'Something's Afoot,' is so entertaining. It's an Agatha Christie musical spoof, and the actors/singers do an incredible job. Three cheers for Ruth Ridenour and the whole Potomac Playmakers cast." - Williamsport

"I am glad the Republican Party finally got it right, by selecting Michael Steele as their leader. He is not only intelligent but is someone who knows what is happening in this country and how to solve the economic issues that are hurting us all." - Hagerstown

"This is to Mr. Mooney, Mr. Munson, Mr. Weldon, Mr. Shank and Mr. Myers: Get rid of this ridiculous idea of 12-hour shifts for correctional officers. Mr. O'Malley has no clue of the stress involved working in a prison. Working 12-hour days would only add much more stress and make the jail less safe. Correctional officers have been through enough with staff cuts and two officers slain in the line of duty. Please spare us and remove this proposal from the budget." - Washington County


"The selection of Michael Steele as chairman of the RNC will be regretted by all patriotic Americans. I have no idea why the GOP delegates erupted in cheers and applause when Mr. Steele's 'victory' was announced." - Rohrersville

"In reference to the 29th front page, 'School seeks state funds,' don't they realize, the BOE, that the state is in deficit spending and we don't have the extra money?" - Leitersburg

"Now that we're going to get a stimulus plan, let's hope that it goes to counties and cities that need it. Obviously, Washington County shouldn't get one penny of it, since it managed to increase the budget 10 1/2 percent in the worst downturn since the Great Depression. ... As far as Paul Muldowney wanting to change the election in the City of Hagerstown, that has to be the only thing I ever agreed with that man on anything. What did the last mayor and council get voted in with, 9 or 11 percent of the registered city voters?" - Hagerstown suburb

"To all you people out there complaining about the stimulus package getting passed: If you don't like it, you can mail your check right to me. I will give you my phone number and my address, and you can endorse that check right over to me, because frankly, I'm tired of hearing you gripe about it." - Williamsport

"I wonder how many times you have to call the city police to ask them to come to Northern Avenue. When the school is leaving out at 2:30, it is like a racetrack, and all of the children that go to that school, which is Northern Middle, do not ride the buses. Some of them walk, and some of them cross Northern Avenue to get in to Fountainhead where they live." - Hagerstown

"I want to let the paper know that I enjoy 'Today in history.' I just love that." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in response to the article in Friday, Jan. 30, paper, about city officials not issuing citations about not clearing sidewalks. How do they expect people to do anything if they don't stick by their guns? You know, they gotta think about people who have to walk, and they slip and fall, what happens - and they get hurt - nothing. So if the city officials don't want to enforce the laws, they need to be taken out of office." - Hagerstown

"I see in the paper where Little League registrations are being held. This means spring is right around the corner, and it won't be long, the little daffodils and hyacinths will be peeking their little heads above the ground. Let's think on these things during this cold time, and keep our thoughts bright and sunny. God bless." - Sharpsburg

"We all have control on the amount withheld for federal and state tax on our income. You are allowed to owe up to $1,000 on federal tax before a penalty kicks in. Wake up, America. Put your money to work. Don't let the IRS use it all year. Instead, use $1,000 of their money each year - I do." - Fiddlersburg

"I am writing to you voice my concern regarding the prisoner that escaped at the Hagerstown prison. We have lived here next to the prison for 15 years. We can hear the intercom announcements from the prison, and we at times can hear the inmates talking when they are outside. We never heard a siren that day. Even if we did, we would have had not clue what it meant. No one ever came to us, our home and notified us of the prisoner escaping, or received a phone call notifying us of the escape, either. I could see the police on the ground with the K-9 units searching, and knew at that time something was wrong. Being this close to the prison I feel we were not made aware of a potential threat to our lives. We could have easily walked out our door that day and met face-to-face with this prisoner and not even had a clue. Someone really dropped the ball on this one." - Hagerstown

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