This week in government

February 02, 2009


Fountain Head Country Club

13316 Fountainhead Road, Hagerstown

Tuesday, Feb. 3, 7:30 a.m.


o 7:30 a.m.: State of the County address

o 9:30 a.m.: Depart for 100 W. Washington St., Room 227

o 10:05 a.m.: Hiring of deputy director for the Department of Solid Waste

o 10:10 a.m.: Commissioners' reports and comments

o 10:30 a.m.: Citizens Participation

o 10:40 a.m.: Other business


- County attorney issues

- Appointments to county boards and commissions

- County administrator's comments

- Reports from county staff

o 11 a.m.: Public hearing, security system false alarm

o noon: Depart for 16232 Elliott Parkway, Williamsport

o 12:15 p.m.: Public safety communications and 911 center renovation project update

o 2 p.m.: Closed session (to discuss the appointment, employment, assignment and/or compensation of appointees, employees or officials over whom it has jurisdiction; to discuss personnel matters that affect one or more specific individuals; and to consider the acquisition of real property for a public purpose and matters directly related thereto)


Board Conference Room

820 Commonwealth Ave., Hagerstown

Tuesday, Feb. 3, 10:30 a.m.


o 10:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.: Closed session

Board Auditorium

820 Commonwealth Ave., Hagerstown

Tuesday, Feb. 3, 1 p.m., Channel 99


o 1:05 p.m.: Correspondence to and from the board

o 1:10 p.m.: Personnel action

ª 1:15 p.m.: Reports to the board

- Legislative update

- Board member committee reports

o 1:35 p.m.: Citizen participation

o 2:05 p.m.: New business

- Consideration, appointment of members to the County Citizens Advisory Council (CAC)

- Consideration, design development documents for Eastern Primary School

- Consideration, revised FY2010 budget calendar

- Consideration, second quarter FY2009 budget adjustments

- Consideration, future agenda items and future agenda items list

o 2:45 p.m.: Miscellaneous business

- Consideration, community foundation sponsorship of the "2009 Big Read"

o 2:50 p.m.: Board Member Comments

o 2:55 p.m.: Adjournment

- Calendar of activities


City Hall, Council Chamber

1 E. Franklin St., Hagerstown

Tuesday, Feb. 3, 4 p.m.


o 4 p.m.: Work session

- Washington County Museum of Fine Arts director, Rebecca Massie Lane

- Historic District Commission review and appeals

- Green practices for the City of Hagerstown

- Economic stimulus package for City projects

o 6 p.m.: City administrator's comments, and mayor and council comments

o 6:20 p.m.: Executive session, Council Chamber, Second Floor, City Hall

- To consider the acquisition of real property for a public purpose and matters directly related thereto

(1) Real Estate

o 6:50 p.m.: Adjourn

o Arrangements can be made in advance for people with disabilities who want to attend any of these meetings. For the County Commissioners, call 240-313-2216 (Voice/TDD). For City Council, call Bruce Zimmerman at 301-797-6617 (Voice/TDD).

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