Mail Call

February 02, 2009

"I think it's ironic that the TV antenna converter boxes, a year ago you could buy one for $40; about six months ago they went to $50; now I see them advertised for $60. What's up with that?" - Hagerstown

"I remember, as a child, seeing pictures of high food and fuel prices in the Soviet Union, and now there isn't a Soviet Union." - Hagerstown

"I'm listening to this stimulus package. Do we have another Bush in that White House? I cannot believe this man thinks that's gonna put people back to work, help the health care. What do we have, another renegade? I am very, very upset and disappointed, as a U.S. citizen, for this." - Boonsboro

"I think that whoever released these stink bugs into our area should be sued. They are really a nuisance. I kill on the average of 10 a day in my house, and my garage smells so bad I can't even stand to go in there." - Clear Spring


"I can't believe those guards are only going to get 15 days suspension without pay. ... If you bring tobacco products into the prisons, you're fired. If a guard writes letters to an inmate, you are fired - so on and so forth. Do you get my drift?" - Williamsport

"I really feel sorry for these people that call Mail Call and complain about what they consider animal cruelty, leaving your animals out in the cold. I of course feel sorry for the animals, but get a backbone, people. Stand up and speak up for these animals. Go to the Humane Society, file a complaint, give the people's address and name, if you know it. Don't call Mail Call and cry. Do something yourself." - Hagerstown

"It's February, and I'm still waiting for a thank you from my newspaper carrier for the most generous Christmas gift that I gave."

- Hagerstown

"I just love this reactionary-type government that we have, about the prison escapee. That could have gone terribly wrong, if he would have raped or killed or done something worse when he was on the lam from the law. Takes something like this for them to finally say, 'Oh, we should figure out some way to notify people in the area.' Next time it could be a lot worse." - Williamsport

"I'd like to see The Herald-Mail print the entire $819 million stimulus bill in the paper, and list everything, item by item. That way we the taxpayers can see where our money is going, whether it's being spent for good things or just being wasted." - Sharpsburg

"I think the weather's fine." - Hagerstown

"You all put me in the paper yesterday, and I think that was awesome." - Hagerstown

"This is to the person in Rohrersville who said that their neighbor leaves their dog out all night long. Why don't you just call the Humane Society instead of printing something in the paper? That way action will be done." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"It seems that Alex Mooney doesn't want to be re-elected to his state Senate seat. He is blatantly ignoring his correctional officer constituents and siding with the administration on this 12-hour shift nonsense. He's supposed to vote for our interests, not O'Malley's." - Hagerstown

"I saw on TV that President Obama made the comment about the schools being closed in Washington, that in Chicago they wouldn't have been closed, and his daughter made a comment about playing in the playground. There's one difference between the normal citizens and the president. His daughters (are) probably taken to school in a limousine, a heated limo. We have children that are on school buses and walking to school." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the person that says 'no' to the 12-hour shifts in Hagerstown. As a security guard, I've worked 16- to 12-hour shifts, and as long as everything is OK at home, there's not that much stress. And they don't do the shifts back-to-back. They do get days off to recuperate." - Hagerstown

"Has the Republican Party in Washington County started a 'Palin for President' and 'Limbaugh for Vice President' committee yet?" - Rohrersville

"Please tell me why Washington County would even consider pay raises for their employees. I know of many people who have been laid off, and would be most happy to work for the present county wages and benefits. President Obama already froze wages at the White House. State of Maryland indicates they will be cutting jobs and freezing salaries. Come on, people, let the County Commissioners know that wage increases are not justified." - Clear Spring

"Would someone please tell the Democrats that George W. Bush is no longer president? You can stop criticizing him now. Let him enjoy his time with his family." - Hagerstown

"I agree with the caller who said we should be speaking out against the gay alliance in public schools. If students wanted to start a Bible study at school, they would be dismissed immediately. If students wanted to have a prayer session at school, it would be deemed unconstitutional." - Hagerstown

"We need to go forward with the trail for those who are responsible for the bombing of the (USS) Cole. It has been long enough for justice to be done. I hope Obama feels the same way." - Hagerstown

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