Letters to the Editor

February 02, 2009

Priorities wrong at Citi

To the editor:

I heard on the news that Citibank tried to purchase a new jet at a cost of $50 million.

I was forced to retire from Citi last April at the age of 60 to take care of my mother, who is ill and can't afford assisted living care.

Since I had a pre-existing condition I was forced to continue my health insurance coverage with Citi. The cheapest coverage available was an HMO at $559 a month (150 percent of Citi's cost) payable three months in advance.

I just want to let the residents of Washington County know how its largest private employer actually treats its employees, its retirees and its CEOs.


Ellen Mullenix
McConnellsburg, Pa.

Coverage was disappointing

To the editor:

I want to say what a huge disappointment it was to watch our "local" news channel following the Washington County Indoor Track Championships held at Hagerstown Community College.

For a station that claims to be the "four-state's most comprehensive news, weather, and sports station in the area," they absolutely dropped the ball on covering this event. Seven county high schools and over 300 dedicated local athletes worked their tails off for a common goal of winning a team championship for their schools, and the best they could come up with was a 20- to 30-second segment with video taken before the event even started.

These reporters didn't have a clue as to how exciting a competition it was, or the great efforts that were given by these talented athletes for the common goal of winning a team championship for their respective schools. Unfortunately, due to the lack of coverage, neither did 99 percent of the viewing area who may have actually been interested in seeing some of these athletes in action and knowing just how exciting this event was, right down to the final event in the girls' competition.

Who knows, there may actually be some folks out there in the viewing audience who enjoy seeing their kids, grandkids, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews on TV giving their best for their teammates and high schools.

Curtis D. Weaver

We should point out sin

To the editor:

As to the Gay-Straight Alliance Club - hatred, tolerance, equality - so many things I could say, but let's get right to the meat of it.

They say they are not promoting homosexuality, but they most certainly are. Does a Bible club promote Jesus? Does a chess club promote chess? That is what clubs do - they promote.

These kinds of worldviews on homosexuality and sex in general are why we have 15-year-old children who are, quote, unsure of their sexual orientation. So much pressure is on our children these days and this just adds to their confusion.

As we continue to shove these kinds of ideas down the throats of our children, we read in shock at the news article that tells us that sexually transmitted disease among teens is at an all time high.

We shake our heads in disgust and ask, what is wrong with these kids today?

But what bothers me the most about this story was a pastor supporting homosexuality and warning us of the sin of self-righteousness.

Pastor, when we tell people about the sin of homosexuallity and how it leads to spiritual death and that Jesus came to set them free, that's called the gospel - the good news. That is why we are followers of Jesus Christ.

Then the pastor tells us to remember that Jesus taught "let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

This does not mean tell no one of their sin. Jesus asked, why are you worried about the piece of dust in your friend's eye when you have a plank in your eye?

This means these people with stones in their hands had unrepented sin in their hearts. They came to kill as followers of the law. They hated Jesus more than they hated the woman.

So as I sit here, I have no stones in my hands to throw and kill you. Instead, I have words I give you. Words that speak love and life. These are not my words but the words of Jesus.

David Spade
Clear Spring

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