Mail Call

January 28, 2009

"I want to know, if a smart car is so smart, and it was just built probably in '08, why does it only get probably 45 mpg, and my little Chevy Geo was built in 1993 and it gets 50 mpg? So why don't we call my little Geo a smart car, and the other little one a little dumb car?" - Sharpsburg

"This is in response to the caller who claims Leonard Pitts has an open mind. Mr. Pitts' mind is about as open-minded as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Mr. Pitts' articles are nothing more than a way for him to push his political, racial and even religious views as absolute. I'm shocked that any reputable newspaper would employ someone such as Mr. Pitts." - Hagerstown

"I just wanted to call and thank the individuals who stopped when I ended up in a ditch on Route 64. I really appreciate that. ... It's nice to know that people care, and I'll definitely pay it forward. I hope everybody's blessed." - Sharpsburg


"I went to vote for mayor and town council in the town of Hancock at 8 a.m. today, and found that I could not vote until 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Well, I work outside of the town of Hancock, as many of us do, due to no employment in the town of Hancock. I was also informed that absentee ballot was not available. It had to be approved first. I do think the town of Hancock needs to re-evaluate their voting practices, due to the fact that many of us work out of town now." - Hancock

"I'm just about fed up with those who misquote Rush Limbaugh. He did not want Obama to fail, but if he turned this country to socialism, the policy is what he wanted to fail, not Obama." - Rohrersville

"This is for the Greencastle caller that thinks that Rush Limbaugh won't be as gracious at all the bashing as former president George Bush has been. George Bush was about as gracious as a hog. In fact, I got a hog that's got more gracious than what he's got." - Hagerstown

"Let me get this straight: Rush Limbaugh is only against Obama's policies, and not Obama himself. If this is the case, I think Bush was a great president. I was only against his invasion of Iraq, the Patriot Act, his handling of Katrina, his tax cuts for the wealthy and oil companies, his use of torture for detainees, his abuse of power, his rejection of science, and a thousand other policies. I'm sorry, but if you're against Obama's policies, you're against Obama." - Hagerstown

"I'd just like to say about the stimulus package, I think they should give each taxpayer $5,000, and that way then people could pay their bills, which in turn the money would go to the banks and the companies that need it, instead of paying them off. And then each taxpayer would have money to go out here and spend, and rebuild the economy back up." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"I am fine with the fact that our new president has, at least once or twice, not allowed our U.S. reporters from all of our - of course - liberal, biased newspapers and stations, to not allow them to come in for either the swearing-in or this last event that he had, but I know that I just heard twice that they were not allowed there, but he's had Muslim reporters from some station." - Hagerstown

"I just came home after attending a wonderful evening at Old Forge Elementary. They had a slow-cooker cook-off, which included 20 fantastic meals, and then the school provided baked ziti, bread, drink and a dessert. It was a wonderful fundraiser for the school, the kids had a great time, and there was many delectable dishes to choose from. I hope they continue to do this at Old Forge." - Smithsburg

"This is about Black Rock Golf Course. This is to the administrative people, or the county's director of golf: ... I see where your $50 to play golf is not working out, because the economy is down, and you know, you people don't make sense. You're bad as the politicians out there. When the revenue's down, you think you can raise ... poor person can't pay $50 to play golf, for the first place, and it's the poor people that's gonna keep you going, so instead of raising your prices like you say in the newspaper, you need to lower your prices so you get more people." - Hagerstown

"This is for the person in Mail Call from Rohrersville that wrote that the dangerous prisoners at Guantanamo Bay should be sent to the American Indian reservations. Haven't you people done enough to the Indians? I'm Cherokee Indian, and I think you should keep your own prisoners wherever they belong." - Hagerstown

"Why in the world would someone want to send the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to the American Indian reservations? The Indians have enough problems of their own. Let the prisoners where they are, and forget about shipping them out to someone else. They are bad people, and should be treated as bad people." - Hagerstown

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