Frederick Community College dean's list

January 27, 2009

FREDERICK, Md. -- Dr. Suzanne Beal, interim vice president for Learning at Frederick Community College, has published the dean's list for the 2008 fall semester.

Eight-hundred-and-seventy students achieved the designation for exemplary grade-point averages. The list recognizes full-time and part-time students who have earned 12 or more credits, completed at least six credits during the semester, and earned a grade point average of 3.5 or better.

The FCC Dean's List for fall semester 2008 includes the following students.

From Adamstown, Md.: Alexandra L. Aldinger, Samantha L. Brewbaker, Andrew Deaver, Christine E. Douglas, Marissa J. Edelin, Jamie L. Gray, Byron C. Hildebrand, Natalie F. Knaggs-Goodwin, Kristen L. Specht, Erin H. Snyder

From Aspers, Pa.: Martin C. Bugarini

From Baltimore, Md.: John A. Warchal, Steven M. Weaver

From Braddock Heights, Md.: Eileen Lenz Rippeon, Bryce M. Beauchamp

From Brunswick, Md.: Christian D. Ahalt, Chelsey E. Bartlett, Rachel M. Beacht, Melissa E. Burriss, Herbert L. Daugherty, Ashley N. Fritter, Lainey C. Hough, Tiffeny M. Keller, Samantha T. Reeder, Denys I. Shalayev, Stephanie J. Shatzer, Jennifer L. Stitt, Erica A. Strahin, Fiorella Faisca, Rino Jonathan N. Lucas, Alisha A. Myers, Desiree A. Orrence, Todd N. Theis


From Brunswick, Ohio: Catherine L. Land

From Burkittsville, Md.: Amanda B. Smith

From Chambersburg, Pa.: Karen K. Jenners

From Charles Town, W.Va.: Humberto R. Campos

From Clarksburg, Md.: Jamie C. Smith, Jean H. Peigne

From Columbia, Md.: Shawnda Hebron, Teresa A. Bickel

From Damascus, Md.: Leslie A. Bell

From Detour, Md.: Elizabeth F. Cook

From Dickerson, Md.: Oscar R. Lopez Jr., Cory T. van Werkoven, Jamie L. Baker

From, Emmitsburg, Md.: Zachery T. Bennett, Christy N. Burriss, Ashley N. Coleman, Becca K. Fink, Stephanie A. Georgoff, Rachelle L. McGowan, Jeanette M. McGuire, Heather L. Monaghan, Salvatore O'Donnell, Amber J. Reaver, Candace L. Rissler, John P. Stouter, Jefferson M. Wright

From Fairfield, Pa.: Chaz A. Aguado

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