Mail Call

January 26, 2009

"I think that the truly dangerous prisoners at Guantanamo Bay should be sent either to Alaska or to American Indian reservations." - Rohrersville

"To the caller who made reference to the fact that Rush Limbaugh does not want Obama to succeed: If you actually listen to his show regularly, you would realize that in reality, that is about as far from the truth as you can get. Rush Limbaugh does not agree with Obama's policies and has publicly said so. Last time I checked, that is our God-given right in the USA - to disagree. But I guess since Mr. Bush is no longer in office, we have to have someone to blame. My guess is Rush won't be as gracious to all the bashing as former president George Bush has been." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Why did Nancy Pelosi stop picking on the Republicans over their culture of corruption?" - Halfway


"I see Caroline isn't getting the senator position. Of course she's not. She wasn't gonna get it, and she knew it. They're gonna give her an ambassadorship. She just, she would never have gotten out there, the Kennedys, backed Obama or anybody else unless somebody's gonna give them something. That's the way politicians work. Look at the Clintons. If they hadn't gone for Obama, he wouldn't have won it. There's only a 3 percent difference. Forty-seven percent of the voters voted against him." - Maugansville

"Our representatives to Annapolis look more foolish all the time. When times were good, they complained that the Democrats spent too much and there were too many state employees. Now that times are rough, they want to complain about being cut, so afraid that Washington County's gonna be cut. Washington County gets more money back every year from the state than anybody pays in taxes here, because wages are so low, which is another story. They ought to live in Montgomery County - then they'd have something to scream about. Poor Montgomery County residents get 17 cents back from the state for every dollar they pay in taxes." - Hagerstown suburb

"Shame on Rush Limbaugh. Can you imagine the outcry if, after 9/11, someone had said they wanted Bush and his policies to fail? Does this man have no decency? When are people going to put the interests of our country ahead of personal interests and partisan politics? Will we need another disaster to pull together?" - Hagerstown

"First time caller to Mail Call, just disagreeing with the article in Friday, Jan. 23, Herald-Mail, where the caller said 'I understand Rush Limbaugh hopes Obama does not succeed.' That is not correct. Rush Limbaugh said he does hope Obama succeeds. He hopes his policies do not succeed, like closing Guantanamo Bay, and some other policies." - Hagerstown

"This is on property assessments. I had a talk with a person who works for the county, and I thought the County Commissioners were raising property taxes or assessments, but from what I understand, the state's doing that. You know, I don't understand what's going on here. The state blames the county, the county blames the state. So you politicians out there are kind of trying to flip-flop to everybody. But this is to the state man. I'd like to know why, at this time, the way the economy and all is, how come you gotta assess houses higher? I can't sell my house for what it is assessed for now, and you're gonna assess it higher?" - Hagerstown

"I can never understand why when I want to put an article in Mail Call, it's never put in the paper. I guess maybe it's due to the fact that I tell it exactly like it is, and maybe it's too much of the truth for the paper to publish it." - Funkstown

"How many times do you have to call before you get something printed? I called about these clubs and organizations where one club is warned that they can't, the guests could not spend any money, but yet other clubs have bingo and bonanzas, and the guests are nonmembers, can spend all the money they want." - Hagerstown

"I don't understand the hypocrisy of some of these callers. They boo and disrespect the president of the U.S., but then they turn around and say that if we want what is best for our country, we will unify and support our current president. Where were these thoughts before Obama? If McCain had won, would they still be spouting these ideals? Sounds to me like they are saying 'You either agree with me, or you are wrong.'" - Hagerstown

"I would like to know ... could someone tell me if there is going to be more than one bathroom in the emergency department at the new hospital? The current emergency room only has one bathroom for the whole emergency room. Someone please tell me if this is going to be better in the new hospital." - Hagerstown

"In response to the caller's concern why our Sixth District congressman did not attend President Obama's inauguration, I would suggest that the Pennsylvania groundhog be replaced with one named Roscoe, one that just comes out of hibernation at election time, to see his shadow. Wake up, voters." - Hagerstown

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