Letters to the Editor

January 25, 2009

We've been duped

To the editor:

As I watched some of the media's wall-to-wall coverage of the inauguration, I was amazed at how many people are blindly hoping that President Obama is going to turn our nation around.

I guess I am shocked that so many people have no knowledge of world history. Socialism has not worked anywhere in the world, yet Obama and his liberal friends think they can make it work.

Many say calling Obama a socialist or Marxist is ridiculous, but that is very simply what he is. He has already stated that only government can fix our current problem. His idea of spending close to $1 trillion that our country doesn't have, is exactly the opposite of what is needed.


You can simply look at history to see what has worked and what has not worked in dealing with recessions. There have been many recessions throughout our country's history. They are a normal cycle that economies run through.

Every time the government has let them run their course, or perhaps cut taxes to lessen their impact, the recession was fairly short. When FDR was president, he decided that the government needed to throw dozens of government spending programs at the recession. Because of that, we ended up with the Great Depression that lasted 10 years.

Some like to give credit to FDR for bringing us out of the Great Depression, but economists will tell you that WWII basically ended it.

Contrast that to how Ronald Reagan handled the economy given to him by Jimmy Carter. Now keep in mind, that Reagan took office when interest rates, inflation, and the unemployment rate were all in the double digits. Many could argue that this was a much more difficult economy than the current one.

Reagan's response to his struggling economy was the opposite of FDR's. Reagan cut taxes, and we ended up with the longest period of peacetime growth ever. So why are liberals like Obama and company determined to spend our way out of this recession when history proves it won't work?

It is very simple - liberals see these hard times as a perfect time to grab more power. They know it will be easier to pull off universal health care, government paid college, and many other social/welfare programs at this time. They know that the average, uninformed American will think these hard times require desperate measures and will not protest programs that will significantly increase their taxes.

Obviously, liberals will disagree with my account of what is coming down the road. I really wish I were wrong, but history has shown very clearly that Obama's plan is only going to make things worse. In a couple of years Americans are going to wonder how this man who seemed so intelligent, charming and charismatic could have led us into such a mess.

We have elected a socialist/Marxist president because most Americans have not educated themselves enough on history, economics and politics. I know these things are not as exciting as watching "American Idol," but they have a much bigger impact on our lives.

Bill Stryker Jr.
Waynesboro, Pa.

A good start

To the editor:

One has to wonder what the reaction of our forefathers would have been to the inauguration of our 44th president. Definitely surprise, possibly shock and disbelief from some, and from Abe Lincoln? Possibly amusement or even a good old-fashion belly laugh.

But whatever their initial reactions, upon further reflection, all should be proud that the country they helped build is a country that has become a place where it is truly possible for anyone to succeed at whatever they are willing to work hard to become.

Whether Barack Obama is your president of choice or not, Tuesday, Jan. 20 was an historic day. The United States of America is like no other country in the world and it is not democracy or capitalism that makes her so.

We are the world's melting pot. Many countries have democracy - even Russia and China have their own forms of capitalism, but none have the diverse citizenry of the United States. And so it is fitting that we now also have a president with a diverse heritage and with his inauguration we are proclaiming to the world that yes, we do practice what we preach.

As Barack Obama chooses his staff and appointees, he seems to understand that diversity is our strength. He does not choose for the ability to say "yes sir," or for political affiliation, but rather for success, skill, experience and knowledge in the fields of their expertise.

While Barack Obama cannot be an expert in everything, rather let his expertise be in the choosing of experts, who as a group, can be. By choosing the right experts and listening to them and putting it all into the proper perspective, President Barack Obama might actually accomplish most of what many expect of him. After all, some of our most successful presidents have been so because of that ability to organize the right support staff. Let us hope that Barack Obama is such a man - he seems to have started in the right direction.

To paraphrase the 43rd and departing president, history will be the judge. But then, as someone else once pointed out, winners are the ones who write the history.

Either way, we'll all probably be history by then.

Ted Gosnell
Chambersburg, Pa.

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