From water to sky

January 25, 2009|By JULIE E. GREENE

A quilt of lily pads, solar phenomena and a gorgeous shot of the water running over a dam are among the photos that have been submitted by Tri-State-area amateur photographers.

Do you have anything to share? Captured a spontaneous moment or an eye-catching scene?

The Herald-Mail runs readers' best recent photographs taken in the Tri-State area on this page. And since we have autumn scenes here, send us photos of other subjects.

Quality is key. Sharp, large, color images look best. Close-up photos show detail better. If the subject is small, get close or use a telephoto lens to make the subject appear large in the photo. Digital photos must be sharp, at least 6 inches wide and have a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch (dpi). Files should be in JPEG or TIF formats and sent as e-mail attachments.

We do not have space for family portraits, posed scenes or news photos that are published elsewhere in the newspaper.


There are three ways to submit a photo:

o Drop it off at The Herald-Mail office at 100 Summit Ave. in Hagerstown.

o Mail it to The Herald-Mail Co., c/o Lifestyle, P.O. Box 439, Hagerstown, MD 21741.

o E-mail it to with "submitted photo" in the subject line.

With the photo, give us your name, a daytime phone number and a brief description of the story behind the photo. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you mail us your photo and you want it returned.


Joseph Novack Jr., 56, of Falling Waters, W.Va., named this shot "Dragon in the sky" because the clouds reminded him of the Drexel University dragon mascot with the sun rays being fire. He saw the image July 6 while playing with his dog in his yard.

Novack used a Kodak EasyShare C340 to capture the moon through a leafless tree in his Spring Mills (W.Va.) development yard in November 2007.

Ralph France II, 67, who lives north of Hagerstown, used a Canon EOS 30D to take this photo in September when he and his wife, Carol, were returning from a picnic at Caledonia State Park in Pennsylvania. "We had never seen anything like this around here, and we stopped the car and I got about 10 shots. It was a beautiful day for some great shots," France wrote.

Scott Shank, an estimator and project manager for C. William Hetzer Inc., was on a tour of the Allegheny Power hydro plant on the West Virginia side of the Potomac River near Dam No. 5 when he captured this image looking upstream. "It was just an opportunity to take a beautiful picture of the river," said Shank, 28, who lives in Hagerstown and boats on the river regularly.

Mary Crumrine, 58, of Hagerstown, used a Canon PowerShot to photograph this December early morning sky from her side yard off Jefferson Boulevard. "We have two dogs. They wake us up depending on when they hear something. ... A lot of times it's before sunrise. I just liked the colors that morning," Crumrine said.

Nicole Downing, 13, used a Razr cell phone to photograph this rainbow June 23 from her Hagerstown neighborhood. "My mom (Catherine), twin sister (Kristen) and I were driving home after it had just rained and I pointed it out. It was the biggest rainbow I've ever seen," Nicole wrote.

"It was like a little dot of a rainbow in the sky," said Elaine L. Cox, 60, of Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. Cox saw the "dot" Oct. 25 when she was driving on Old Forge Road near Beartown in Franklin County, Pa., and stopped to photograph it with a Kodak CX4230.

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