Mail Call

January 22, 2009

"Is this the proper time for the Washington County Commissioners to be giving raises to county employees when everybody in the county is suffering and losing their homes? County employees should suffer a little bit, too, along with everybody else." - Hagerstown

"Richardson's, The Grille, Statton closes; Citicorp, Manitowoc, JLG layoffs, yet Mr. Murray says raises would be minimal. City wants to spend $60,000 to study parking deck, does not want to change election date to save $60,000. When will politicians who are spending our money learn that nothing is minimal when you don't have a job?" - Hagerstown

"I'm calling, I'm very displeased, as a member, as a resident of the 6th District of Maryland, that my congressman, somebody that people voted into office, did not go to the inauguration ceremony yesterday in Washington, D.C. I was there, and every elected official should have been there, including Roscoe Bartlett. It's a shame that he could not be a statement and go. Even if he doesn't support the new president's policies, he should have been there because of the historic moment. We elected him to be there, and he's getting paid to be an elected official in Washington, D.C." - Clear Spring


"This is for the person who was saying in Mail Call that they couldn't find nothing in the paper about having Martin Luther King Day celebrated anywhere. Well, I don't know what newspaper they read, but The Herald-Mail, Daily Mail, had plenty. I've read about three or four places that were having Martin Luther King Day (celebrations)." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to comment to the person wondering why kids have off Martin Luther King Day, but not Presidents Day. Those days are determined by the calendar committee, made up of parents, teachers, administrators, etc. If you want a say in when your kid's off school, then join the calendar committee. They're always looking for people to participate." - Hagerstown

"I thought Obama was supposed to unite this country. At yesterday's ceremony, it was a complete disgrace. ... after they booed President Bush when he came to the podium. That is the most rudest thing I've ever seen from the liberal Democrats. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves." - Boonsboro

"Can somebody explain to me what is meant by 'president and CEO'? In what way is that more or better than just 'president'? Does a 'president and CEO' do more for the company than if he or she were just president? Or is it really just a bunch of flim-flam to justify paying him/her those big bonuses without requiring that the bonus be earned?" - Chambersburg, Pa.

"In looking over the list of basketball players, and now the Japanese - or whatever he is - baseball player on the Orioles, I sure hope that the federal government's getting the taxes from these players that are making these millions of dollars, especially when they're coming into this country and taking the income that the U.S. is giving them." - Hagerstown

"I'm just calling to say I applaud Richardson's for giving the public notice that they were gonna close. That way, you could spend your gift certificates. I see another one has closed now, The Grille, and we have things from there, and if these restaurants, if they weren't closed down, gonna close, and could give notice, it surely would be nice for the public, so you can, you know, spend what you have in gift certificates and so forth." - Hagerstown

"This is on heating oil prices. I'd like to ask the new president of the U.S. if he investigates the oil prices for heating oil. Seems like they're awful high for me. Heating oil sure don't take that much to make it. It sure shouldn't be as high as it is right now. Diesel fuel's dropped down. I wish the government would check into these price gouging us people because heating oil shouldn't be no $2-and-something a gallon. Not now, with the price of a barrel of oil." - Hagerstown

"Just calling for a comment on the wrecks that's been going on, those, all those vehicles down there around Myersville in Maryland here, and the ones, two of them over there in Pennsylvania, all these people being killed. They're blaming it on the snow, but a lot of it is due to driving too fast. They don't slow down for the bad weather, and tailgating one another. I can understand sliding on ice and everything, but they're driving too fast and too close together. I run 65, 68 mph and they tailgate me, so I'm sure they do it to a lot of other people. It's totally uncalled for, running 75, 85, 90 mph when the speed limit is 65." - Hancock

"This should be titled 'Waxing Rhetoric.' Herald-Mail, 1/21/09, editorial page reflecting an Obama cartoon character overshadowed by word 'hope.' Same page, lower left, article titled 'Miracle near 34th Street.' Quote, movie 'Miracle on 34th Street,' John Payne, Maureen O'Hara, 'Hope is something that only fools rely upon when common sense tells you better.' I hope this is not that kind of hope." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

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