Morgan seeks more school money

January 22, 2009|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

ANNAPOLIS -- Superintendent Elizabeth Morgan will be in Annapolis next week to ask officials for an additional $3.9 million in funding for Washington County Public Schools.

She'll make the request before the Board of Public Works.

Gov. Martin O'Malley's proposed fiscal year 2010 capital budget, which he released Wednesday, includes money for several local school projects among the $29 million designated for Washington County. However, Deputy Superintendent Boyd Michael said school officials will ask next week for additional money for projects that either received no funding or less funding than originally requested.

Morgan will ask for $1 million for Eastern Primary School - a $22.2 million building planned to be built across the street from Eastern Elementary School. The school would enroll as many as 620 students in prekindergarten through second grade and open in 2011.

No money for Eastern Primary School was included in O'Malley's capital budget.

Two schools that opened last year, Rockland Woods and Pangborn elementary schools, also received the last of their expected state money. Rockland Woods received $1.2 million, and Pangborn Elementary received $162,000.


Michael said the state has given money to those projects for the past several years, and with those final payments, the state obligation is over.

Morgan also will ask the Board of Public Works to give more state money for a new roof at Hancock Middle-Senior High. The capital budget proposal includes $880,000, but Michael said the project will cost about $1.4 million.

He said officials will ask the state to fully fund the roof replacement.

Four other projects - at Boonsboro Middle and Emma K. Doub, Sharpsburg and Williamsport elementary schools - also will be part of next week's request.

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