Mail Call

January 21, 2009

"I know a lot of you people aren't gonna want to hear this, but I'll guarantee you we will never have another president that dealt with the terrorists like George Bush. He was tough on them. I'm sure that it's making their day that he'll soon be leaving office. Let's see how Mr. Obama does with the terrorists." - Sharpsburg

"Last night, the odor in the air of Hagerstown was so bad it gave me a headache and nausea. It usually takes a few days for this odor to dissipate, but then it comes back again after a few more days. ... Whatever it is, it has severely ruined the quality of life in this town. I can remember a time in Hagerstown when this awful smell did not exist." - Hagerstown

"I have to wonder, is your paper strictly a Republican paper? I was wondering, due to the fact of the stories and the articles that you run in your paper, it seems like to me that you manage a Republican paper. At times it seems like your reporters are too one-sided on their stories that they cover. Just my opinion. I may be wrong, though." - Greencastle, Pa.


"I really was tired of the articles in The Herald-Mail every day about how calm, cool and collected Joe Flacco was in the huddle and in the games, in the playoffs. He didn't look that way in the game against the Steelers, did he?" - Hagerstown

"Today is a holiday, Martin Luther King Day. However, I'm very disappointed that the newspaper did not print the list of events that's going around in Hagerstown. I read the paper, and I've read it twice this morning, and there's not one page that lists the events that's going around for today's holiday, celebrating Martin Luther King. That I find to be very sad." - Hagerstown

"I just wonder why they have Martin Luther King Jr. Day with the kids off of school, but yet a lot of our presidents days, they don't get off of school. What's the big difference, OK? I'd like an answer." - Hancock

"If President Roosevelt that was back in the '40s had a grandson, has a grandson, I wish he would have run for president. Maybe he will run the next time that we're up for another president. I'm sure he would have straightened it out. President Roosevelt straightened out the country when it was really in bad shape, back in the late '30s and the '40s." - Mount Lena

"I would just like to thank all the people that were concerned about Cheeks, and the cat whose picture was in the paper on Friday, Jan. 16. However, unfortunately, it was not Cheeks. He is a short-haired cat, and I sincerely hope that the cat who was in the paper was claimed, as he looked like a beautiful cat." - Boonsboro

"A big shout out to F. Burkett from Williamsport for his guest editorial, 'A Potomac Park - or not.' He is a real forward-thinker. Wish we had more around like him. Seems like this is the thing to do. Talk to your congressmen." - Hagerstown

"I was calling about the parking deck downtown, how they waste the taxpayers' money building another one. What they need to do is let those parking lots behind the Owls Club between Baltimore Street carwash. Put up meters, if you must, to collect money, but there's a whole parking lot that is empty. And as soon as you park on it, they tow you away, at a price of $250. While I was at court, with a handicapped tag, I got towed away twice." - Hagerstown

"All that this money being given to banks, and the complete destruction of interest rates by Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve means to me is that I will lose around $6,000 in income in 2009, because certificates of deposit rates are so low. Lower gas and heating fuel prices will not even put a dent in making up for this loss. Senior citizens who saved all their lives are doomed by the current fiscal policy of this country. I don't think the stock market will ever recover, either, for those of you with money there. Look at Japan. Their market was at 42,000 in 1987, and right now, in 2009, it is at around 8,000. And Japan has extreme low interest rates too." - Hagerstown

"George II of Texas, the last of the crusader kings." - Hagerstown

"Thank goodness the George Bush dynasty is over. He was the worst president of my lifetime. I look forward to the future." - Hagerstown

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