Mail Call

January 20, 2009

"The country needs to thank Bush for the great rescue of those people on the U.S. airplane that landed in the New York waterway. Because of Homeland Security quick response, no lives were lost. Not like in the past when an airplane went down in the D.C. waterway." - Hagerstown

"I just want people to wake up and realize that today Hagerstown wants to spend $45,000 for a survey for parking. Haven't we done that enough over the last 10, 15 years? People in Hagerstown ought to wake up and hold the city council taxpayers' monies." - Hagerstown

"Saying violence is a problem in all schools is an excuse. Children should be able to attend school without fear. I commend the parent of the North student for filing the complaint. Students with behavior problems are catered to in WCPS. Why do you think there are so many home-schooled children in our county? Behavior is out of control in WCPS and discipline is basically nil." - Hagerstown


"Is anybody surprised that Washington County schools were on time this morning (Friday)? The coldest day of the winter, and the school board puts the kids out there to walk. I know this won't be printed, but we'll try again." - Williamsport

"As a taxpayer, I have thought of a great way for the City of Hagerstown to save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars quarterly. How come whenever the city's water bill comes out, which is quarterly, it always comes out two days to three days behind the electric bill? Wouldn't it make sense to combine the two and save all that postage and handling? I know it'd only be four times a year, but I'm sure that would result in some great savings in mailing. Just a thought." - Hagerstown

"I'll give you a couple good shots in the arm for the economy. Bring back the Civilian Conservation Corps, which is CCC, and WPA, and use them to the umpteenth degree. CCC, or Civilian Conservation Corps, might be a good way to get these rowdy kids off the street and give them something to do. The WPA might be a good way to help out with the economy, too. Of course, don't try to get a ... expect an artist to build a road. Put the artist working with the art." - Smithsburg

"I am a white man, and I call to wish the next president of the U.S. the best of luck. Didn't vote for him, but he is the president of the U.S., and I choose to serve and obey, and I swore my oath as he will. You gotta believe in it. You gotta do what you're gonna do. A hundred and sixty-three years since Lincoln freed the slaves, a black man becomes president. I wish the man luck. I wish the entire government luck, and I hope we move forward from here." - Hagerstown

"I see where the federal government's got a new person, Barack Obama's hired this woman, Heidi, and sounds like she might be a good woman. Only thing I don't like about it in here is the Republicans gonna knock her down a little bit. They got an article in here. She's for the working person. The Republicans are not. Republicans are warning us not to go overboard and take any interest of one side, and that is the workers. That's the trouble with this country now. The federal government is not in there for the working man, and they're in there for big business." - Hagerstown

"This is from a first-time caller. I'd just like to wish the lottery queen of Sharpsburg congratulations. You've made your community proud once again. Scratch, baby, scratch." - Dargan

"I see another punk has killed a dog, a puppy. How about giving this guy some jail time, make an example here, will you? If all you're gonna do is give him a little fine and say stay away from animals, what message is that? They'll probably keep killing dogs and cats and whatever. It's time to get serious about this." - Hagerstown

"I see a lot of empty trailers sitting around the county, probably unused. Why could they not be outfitted for the homeless? It wouldn't take a lot of doing to fix them up with a bed, some kind of facilities for waste, and even maybe a little bit of cooking. It just seems like such a waste." - Williamsport

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