Mail Call

January 18, 2009

"Isn't it amazing how anxious the incoming administration is to show how fast they can make things happen? Wish they could have shown support for President Bush instead of a party bash party." -- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I was reading in Thursday's (Herald-Mail) about the prospective cutbacks in the state employees. I think -- I happen to be one of them that was hit by Gov. Schaefer some 20 years ago in a state layoff -- and I think the supervisors need to look over the work and see what's being done, and which one's productive. I know for a fact there's one state employee that does all her personal business, e-mailing, and to all her friends, on her state computer, and I think that's ridiculous." -- Hagerstown

"I read of the studies being proposed for a third parking deck for downtown Hagerstown. Problem today is the perception, by far too many, that Hagerstown is unsafe and unclean, and has very few attractive stores or events. The Barbara Ingram School applicants have been promised police would be everywhere. Maybe we should begin now to work toward zero tolerance, to make the city viable before they even start going to school. This has been done successfully in other cities. Let's go, Hagerstown. Clean it up first." -- Hagerstown


"I would love to see the paper go back to covering the JV games at the schools. I think that's really a shame that the paper has taken the stance that they don't think these games are as important as some of the other games in the area." -- Chambersburg, Pa.

"I see from a Mail Call posting that there is an insidious scheme afoot in Hagerstown. Apparently, some dastardly perpetrators are forcing selected Herald-Mail customers to read Leonard Pitts' articles against their will. Personally, I find Mr. Pitts' musings to be insightful and well-written, but that's beside the point. Law enforcement must be brought to bear on this problem immediately, before I or those I love are victims of forced viewings of Bill O'Reilly's show." -- Hagerstown

"I'm reading Thursday's paper, 'Pizza shop owner charged after scuffle.' It's about a pizza shop. The owner of the pizza shop got in a cussing battle when a plainclothes police officer went into his business. They sent a girl in, and they went into his business and ordered. This is something about underage drinking, these police officers taking these young kids in there and getting them served. That is a setup, and far as I'm concerned, it shouldn't be allowed. It's just a plain old setup. You can't find a better way to do it?" -- Hagerstown

"Frederick County schools have lowered their temperatures to 68 degrees in the classrooms and they are saving $100,000 per year on this cost-cutting. If Washington County would do the same, it would save the county, it would help the taxpayers out, and also the school board." -- Sharpsburg

"I'm calling with delight about the Jan. 14 front page, with 'Getting your goat,' showing goats butting their heads, against a headline that said 'Disputed windows draw ire and praise from city.' I'm not sure if that was an accidental positioning or editorial whimsy." -- Hagerstown

"Read Marie Trout's letter to the editor in Thursday's paper concerning Historic District Commission, Donnie Bowman and tax credits. She explains it all so perfectly. And then reconsider pushing for anything the politician called the mayor of this town ever really wants." -- Hagerstown

"We're trying to teach the children, with them being aggressive and everything, and then it shows on there on the TV about this here older woman hitting this man in the head, advertising Nationwide Insurance. How can we keep our children from being nasty and everything when something happens like that? She's an elderly woman, and I don't think it ought to be." -- Cavetown

"So you can try to malign people when you print that in the paper, so they can say 'Oh, so-and-so's from such and such place,' but -- just like The Herald-Mail -- one thing I wanted to say, it's very interesting that the electric company are about half of what they were a year ago. Same way with oil companies. All those high-paid, educated people must have forgot about something in economics called price elasticity. Boy, I thought they were so smart with all their MBAs. I only have a BA, but you know what?" -- Hagerstown suburb

"I was at a (store) today, and I thought I'd seen it all, but when I saw Barack Obama trading cards, that just hit the spot. Why does everybody -- do they have to put his face everywhere? He's in an issue of Spider-Man, and they got plaques of him, now trading cards. What's next, cereal; Obama-Os? Everywhere, just ridiculous. All he is is a president, no more different or special than the 43 before him, and it's just ridiculous to see his face plastered on everything." -- Hagerstown

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